How To Make Holiday-Themed Merry Mint Soap

How To Make Holiday-Themed Merry Mint Soap

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Scented handmade soaps are an excellent holiday gift. And if they’re too pretty for washing, they make an excellent addition to festive bathroom decor!

Learn how to make adorable, eco-friendly holiday soaps with this easy step-by-step soap tutorial.

choose your soap base

For this project, we’re using our luxurious vegan coco & mango butter soap base. It’s an exceptionally creamy, brightening, moisturizing, and enriching custom blend of exotic jojoba oil, mango butter and coconut oil made from 100% sustainably sourced and natural ingredients. It’s our go-to formula for those with dry or sensitive skin types and excellent for dry skin during those chilly winter months!

round up your holiday fragrance

We’re using peppermint & cocoa shavings fragrance oil for a festive, sweet chocolatey and peppermint twist. You can use virtually any fragrance to make your soap, just be sure to reference the skin safe percentage for use in soaps prior to creating. 

add festive mica or dried botanicals

For these wintery soaps, we’re adding some pearl mica to add a little snow-like shimmer. You can add Micas for color pigments and dried botanicals for texture and color additions to your soaps. For a little extra fun, try adding some juniper sprigs for a festive winter touch. Let your imagination run wild!

select your soap mold

This is an essential part of your soap making process to ensure that your soap, well - becomes soap bars! Choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes. For this specific soap, we’re using a rectangle soap mold for a clean, classic shape.

Once you have your supplies, now it’s time to have some good clean fun!

make your holiday-themed melt & pour soap

Step 1

Heat your soap base in the microwave or on a double boiler until completely melted. If you’re using the microwave, make sure to only heat in 30 second intervals. Once the base has melted completely, we are ready to begin adding fragrance and any additives. 


Step 2

Measure your fragrance to your desired fragrance load. You’ll always want to refer to your fragrance Skin Safe percentages as recommended for Soaps to ensure best results. You can find this on each product page under the More Details section.

peppermint & cocoa shavings is 100% skin safe (this is the maximum amount, not the suggested amount), so you can virtually use any concentration you choose. The normal range for soap making varies from 2-6% generally speaking.

We’re going to use just over 2% (or .3oz) per 1 lb of base. The skin safe range for each fragrance will vary so it’s very important to have this number in mind. Pour in your fragrance oil and any micas or dyes that you plan to use. In this soap, we are using .1oz of Pearl mica. Stir for 1-2 minutes or until thoroughly combined.


Step 3

Lastly, pour the mixture carefully and slowly into your molds. If you are encountering any lingering air bubbles in your soap, you can immediately spray the tops of your soap with alcohol to eliminate the air bubbles.


Step 4

Add in any final touches. This is the time when you can get really creative!  Add juniper sprigs to your soap to create a fun, festive vibe. Once you’ve poured into your mold, lightly sprinkle the top of your soap with a final layer of juniper leaves and a soft dusting of pearl mica to give is a shimmery sheen.


Step 5

Let your soap cool! One of the nicest things about Melt + Pour soap is that the cure time is significantly shorter than with the traditional soap making processes, like cold and hot process. Once your soap is cooled, it's cured and ready to use! Just be sure not to move it while it is still liquified to avoid any uneven surfaces forming.


Step 6

Lather up! Once your soap has fully cooled, remove your soap from the mold. Gift or use as desired!


New to all this squeaky clean fun? Try out our new melt & pour soap base discovery kit for even easier creating!  And don’t forget to share your gorgeous creations with us for a chance to be featured at @makesy

Happy making!

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