How To Make Creamy Cocoa Shea Body Butter

How To Make Creamy Cocoa Shea Body Butter

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If you’ve ever wanted to make your own body butter, we have the perfect easy recipe to master it. 

Get ready to create hydrating maker magic! 

Ethically sourced shea butter and raw cocoa butter are the main nourishing ingredients in this beautifully blended moisturizing formula.

In this recipe, you'll blend these butters with monoi oil infused with coconut.

The result is a replenishing, strengthening, and conditioning body butter that will help soothe and hydrate skin and smell oh, so good!

Monoi oil is a  potent and soothing antioxidant. It's an incredible nourishing ingredient in all-natural body, face, and hair oils, lotions, butters, cleansers, and creams. Our monoi oil is Leaping Bunny Certified, gluten-free, and paraben-free.

Once you've created your body butters, you'll store them in gorgeous frosted glass jars and seal them with bamboo lids for an aesthetically pleasing display.

What a lovely, creamy combo! Let's get making.


body butter tools & ingredients

Makes: 8 body butters


    Ingredients per individual body butter

    • 10 oz shea butter (37.5%)
    • 9 oz cocoa butter deodorized wafers (37.5%)
    • 6 oz monoi oil (22.9%)
    • 1.8 oz arrowroot powder (1.1%)
    • 0.2 oz geogard (0.7%)
    • Rolled oats (optional)

      Beginner Alternative: Use our pre-made coco aloe body butter base.



        our go-to body butter recipe

        1. In Pitcher #1, chop 9 oz of Cocoa Wafers into small pieces and heat them up in the microwave using 30-second intervals. Once they are softened, smush them with your spatula or a bamboo spoon. The consistency must be semi-soft and similar to the monoi oil. Once you achieve this consistency, add in 6 oz of monoi oil and mix both ingredients until they are fully combined. 

        Maker Tip 1: When softening the wafers, the cooler they are, the better they will perform. 

        Maker Tip 2: Use a hand mixer instead of the wand blender, otherwise no whip consistency will be achieved. 

        2. In pitcher #2, add 10 oz of shea butter and make sure to break apart any large chunks. Then, add in your blend of cocoa wafers and monoi oil and mix everything together until they are fully combined. 

        3. Add in 0.2 oz of geogard and mix it thoroughly into your formula.

        4. Use a Hand Mixer to start whipping your butters for about a minute. Check the consistency to make sure there are no large chunks. 

        5. Once your mixture is smooth, slowly add 1.8 oz of Arrowroot Powder to avoid forming clumps. Continue to mix your formula until you have added all of the cornstarch and the mixture is fully combined. Remember to scrape the sides using a spatula to integrate everything. This should take about 2-3 minutes, or until you have achieved your desirable consistency. 

        6. Carefully pour your creamy formula into your Frosted Glass Jars and let them sit and cool to avoid condensation. Once cooled, secure them with Bamboo Lids and let them sit for 24 hours before using.

        7. When you’re ready, simply apply the butter to your skin and enjoy the soothing benefits of your delightfully dreamy creation.


        Now you can consider yourself a body care maker! Add this creamy, hydrating body butter to your bath + body collection, give it as a gift, or both! Your friends and their skin will thank you later.

        Want to make more fun body care projects? Check out how to make serene spa bath salts and how to make sweet & spun sugar lip balm.

        Happy making!

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