How to Make All-Natural Deodorant Cream

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own all-natural deodorant, we have the recipe to master that!

Get ready to create natural Maker magic! 

This wonderfully clean creation is a win for your (underarm) skin in so many ways. A luscious, sweet serene fragrance blends notes of lavender, jasmine, and honey, and melds with oils packed with minerals and vitamins that help soothe the skin, making this organic cream perfect for keeping you refreshed all day long. Once you’ve made your all-natural deodorant, you’ll pack it into sleek frosted jars and seal it with gorgeous bamboo lids for an aesthetically pleasing display. Yay for clean + creative body care!

 Makes: 4 Deodorants





  1. Add 0.1 oz of Golden Jojoba Oil, 1.2 oz of Fractionated Coconut Oil, and 1.25 oz Beeswax Coco Creme into Pouring Pitcher #1 and heat it up in the microwave until it liquifies.
  2. Once your formula is fully melted, add 2 oz of Arrowroot Powder, 0.1 oz of Organic Flax Glycerin, 0.5 oz of Magnesium Hydroxide, and 0.052 oz of Lush Lavandin + Vanilla Whip Fragrance Oil to the oils and Beeswax Coco Creme. Mix everything thoroughly until it is fully combined.
  3. Scoop and store your formula into Frosted Jars without lids and allow them to cool at room temperature. To speed up the cooling process, you can put them in the fridge so the cream will harden quicker, but do not leave them in the fridge overnight.
  4. Wait 24 hours before covering them with lids and before using your new Deodorant Cream. 
  5. To use, scoop some cream out of the jar with your fingers, then apply directly to underarms as needed. Enjoy your wonderful, clean creation!


And just like that, you’ve created an everyday essential with all-natural ingredients that your body will thank you for! Be sure to tag us @makesy on Instagram when you share the good news about your new favorite recipe.

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Happy Making!


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