How To Make An All Natural Surface Cleaner

How To Make An All Natural Surface Cleaner

Need a super effective surface cleaner that’s ready to take on all the dirt and grime? This all-natural, easy surface cleaner recipe blends organic, eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol with a refreshing, 100% pure essential oil.

Organic Sugarcane Alcohol is sustainably sourced and made from all-natural and organic ethanol, gluten-free, 190 Proof Sugarcane Alcohol, which is perfect for killing viruses on surfaces.

Essential oils are great for more than just relaxing and reducing stress (although those are huge pluses). They also offer antibacterial properties that add to the potent cleansing abilities of this recipe.

We highly recommend the California lemon essential oil or blood orange essential oil in this all-natural DIY surface cleaner, but if you’d like a specific scented surface cleaner, you have the creative freedom to use a fragrance oil, too!

Not only will this surface cleaner thoroughly cleanse surfaces around the house, but it will also look really good in gorgeous, translucent, amber-colored bottles for an elevated and aesthetically pleasing display. 

The best part? You know exactly what’s in your surface cleaner so there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals. Cleaning supplies truly never looked or worked so well!


all natural surface cleaner recipe



Per Bottle

  • 16 oz organic sugarcane alcohol (89%)
  • 0.33 oz California lemon essential oil (1.8%)
  • 1.67 oz distilled water (9.2%)


  1. Place your pitcher on your digital scale and tare out your pitcher so your scale doesn’t count the weight of your pitcher. Then pour 1.67 oz of Distilled Water into your pitcher.
  2. Add 16 oz of Organic Sugarcane Alcohol and 0.33 oz of California Lemon Essential Oil into your pitcher. Then, thoroughly blend all ingredients together for about 1-2 minutes to ensure your formula is fully combined.
  3. Transfer your new surface cleaner into super chic Translucent Amber Bottles and seal with trigger sprays.
  4. It’s ready! Spray your new potent cleanser on surfaces in the house, wipe it away, and say goodbye germs! 


Maker tip: If you have your own collection of handcrafted cleaning products, add this one to your selection. If not, now’s your chance to start your own line of all-natural cleaning supplies!

Want to make more 100% natural cleaning products? Try this one to refresh your space: how to make your own chic carpet cleaner.

Be sure to tag us @makesy on Instagram when you post your new favorite eco cleaning recipes so we can share your innovative creations!

Happy making!

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