Recipes: How To Make 3 Easy Peasy Hair Care Products

Recipes: How To Make 3 Easy Peasy Hair Care Products

Gettin’ started in a whole. new. category can be scarrryyy…but not when your makesy maker experts are here to help ya discover the basics. Our resident hair care formulation expert came up with 3 fabulous (and oh-so-easy) recipes so you can make your own goodies with simple ingredients straight from our makesy discovery kits.

Seriously, they’re easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Good hair days are ahead!

Grab a haircare actives discovery kit: strengthening & conditioning & a haircare base discovery kit and get ready to give these simple formulas a try!


Discovery Kit

baobab protein restoring shampoo recipe

It’s always a good day to have a good (hair) day!

Reset & restore those lushious locks by whippin’ up a lovely shampoo that’s comparable to Antidote 1848’s Baobab Protein Restoring Shampoo.

Simply add the following to 2oz of jojoba sulfate-free shampoo base and shake, shake, shake!

    Hair Care Ingredient

    nourishing snow mushroom conditioner recipe

    Looking to make a deep conditioning product like the AG Hair Natural Nourish Snow Mushroom Deep Conditioning Mask?

    All ya gotta do is add a simple two ingredients to 2oz of all natural botanical conditioner base and shake it on up!

    Here are those 2 ingredients:

      hair care ingredient

      everyday shine silicone-free hair oil recipe

      Good for damage, frizz & dryness, our lil recipe for a sleek & shiny but not-at-all greasy hair oil will have a similar feel to Bread Beauty Supply’s Everyday Hair Gloss Oil.

      And just like our other recipes…it’s crazy quick & easy breezy, baby!

      Pair a single ingredient with 2oz of intensive repair oil treatment and—like the last two creations shake away!

      That one ingredient happens to be:

      When makin’ any of these three goodies, be sure to grab a 10ml of your favorite all natural fragrance or essential oil and add to your preference!* A few of our makesy faves are:

    • natural aloe water & osmanthus
    • natural crisp cucumber & waterlily
    • natural lush lavandin & tahitian vanilla
    • invigorating essential oil blend

    • As mentioned, all ya need to get started are two really awesome discovery kits: the haircare actives discovery kit: strengthening & conditioning & the haircare base discovery kit. That’s it!

      Go get ‘em, maker!

      * For your safety & the safety of others, be sure to reference IFRA guidance for usage limits for hair based products.

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