How To Get Started Making Candles

How To Get Started Making Candles

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So you’re ready to give this candle making thing a try. Candle making is one of those funny things that seems really simple at first, then you go down a YouTube rabbit hole and discover there is a whole world of science behind it!

Don’t be scared; candle making is super easy, and we are here to guide you through every step. First, let’s chat through the basics like how to actually make a candle! In this video tutorial, we show you how to make a wooden wick candle.

Once you’ve got the step-by-step down, let’s move on to the supplies you need. Making your own candles is way more affordable than purchasing them yourself, so if you stumbled on this article because you’re a candle addict (no shame here), you’re about to enter candle nirvana. 

We’ve got plenty of options because candle makin’ is what we do! Pick your starting point from our kit options below, and you’ll be melting & pouring in no time.

candle making diy kit

candle diy kits.

Our diy kits are best for creative fun-lovers. Each kit comes with everything you need to make a finished candle including a candle vessel, wax, fragrance, wick, mixing spoon, warning label, and a gift box and bow for wrapping up your final creation!

Our DIY kits are pre-measured and include easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

No guesswork, all fun!

Many of our diy kits come with multiple fragrance options so you can choose the one that suits you best, or you can purchase a 2oz bottle of a scent you love and swap it in while making your candle!

One of the best parts about our candle diy kits is that our soy blend nature wax comes in a microwaveable bag so there's no need to create a double boiler or have any extra tools. Warm it up, stir a little, add your fragrance, and then pour away!

Shop all our diy kits here and have some fun!


create your own kit image

candle discovery kits.

Our discover kits are best for sampling a small(ish) quantity of components, ingredients, or fragrances from our top categories.

It’s a sample kit like no other! 

You can explore different fragrances, different types of candle waxes, wicks, and even enhancers like mica, eco glitters, and eco dyes.  

Inside each discovery kit is between 6 and 10 sample sizes, enough to use each sample in 1 or 2 finished products.

One of our most popular discovery kits is the create your own fragrance kit which allows you to customize a box of 10ml fragrance samples. Curate your own box with a variety of fruity, floral, sweet, or citrus scents.

Once you've picked out a few discovery kits, don’t forget to snag some vessels with a vessel sample pack and our candle makers tool kit! Shop all our discovery kits here!


candle starter kits.  

Starter kits are best for beginners who want to dip their toes in a new hobby, side-hustle, or small business. They are jam-packed full of ingredients to melt, mix, pour & play.

Our candle starter kit includes more than 7 unique components and makes 24 candles, plus it comes with all of the basic candle making tools you need for all your future batches. It also comes with our super educationally awesome burn book, so you’ll be a candle-making pro in no time!


candle pro kits. 

Our candle pro kit are best for makers ready to dive all in on creating and experimenting in a new category of products. Our candle pro kit includes over 150 items, lots of enhancers for you to play around with, tools and the digital burn book. 


candle kit for business

candle business kits.

Ever wanted a job that doesn’t feel like work?

Our candle money maker kit includes everything you need to convert your passion into cold. hard. cash.

Money maker kits are designed for anyone looking to turn a creative candle-making hobby into a lucrative candle-making small business. 

You get to customize your kit by selecting the vessels, lids, and fragrances. With step-by-step instructions, you'll turn all the materials shown here into 36 luxury 12oz soy candles. When you sell them for $45 each, you'll end up with $1,000 in profit that you can invest back into your budding business!

OK, maker (or soon to be, maker). Now that you’ve gotten the how-to’s and picked which kit is best for you, you’re ready to go! We can’t wait to see what you make.

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