Customize Your Candle Lids With Energizing Geodes

Customize Your Candle Lids With Energizing Geodes

You’ve spent weeks selecting the perfect candle vessels, the ideal wax, and wicks, and found the most irresistible makesy fragrances. But have you thought about your candle lids?

Make your candles total show stoppers by customizing your candle lids with powerful agate slices that will not only amp up the glam factor on your candles but also provide a little mood-boosting energy when burned.

If you're new to candle making, customizing your lids may seem like a step you want to tackle once you have more experience, but don't wait! A custom lid is an easy way to make your candles look high-end and totally chic.

geode candle lid

all about agate

Agate stones are known for eliminating and transforming negativity. They enhance mental function and improve concentration and perception. 

They also have calming and soothing properties which makes them a perfect match for candles that induce relaxation and reduce stress.

adorn your lids

Our favorite way to incorporate these natural beauties is to attach them to candle lids. As a bonus, they make candles look especially lovely even when they aren't lit.

Black agate slices will easily adhere to our cork lids and look stunning against our metal aura lids which come in copper, gold, silver, and black. Create an earthier vibe by pairing them with our wood lids like our dark maple lid or our brown and black pine lids

To attach the agate slices to your lids, use a nontoxic adhesive like Better Ultimate Adhesive. It works well with wood, glass, paper, plastic, and more. It's low VOC and low odor which means you won't sacrifice any of your candle's incredible fragrance. It is slow drying so you'll need a little extra time in your making process before they're ready to sell.


geode candle lids

crystals & candles

Don’t stop at lids! Crystals can also be added to the top of your candles, nestled in the wax, for a unique, eye-catching look. Browse our collection of crystal mini chips and points to learn all about the properties of each crystal. 

Zircon enhances physical, emotional, and spiritual balance while amethyst balances peace of mind and self-discovery. For a clean and smooth application, use a heat gun to melt the wax before placing each crystal.

Adding a custom geode lid or crystal accents to your scented candles will make your collection stand out from all others. They make distinctive design elements that serve double duty as both function and beauty.

Share your geode lids and crystal-topped candles on social with us and use #makesy so we can see your incredible creations. Happy making!

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