Crackling Wick

How To Combine Or Use Crackling Wicks

Let’s talk about how to make your own ultimate dual wood wick that isn’t an adhered wick, using one of our flat single ply wood wick options.

Just to be clear, an ultimate wood wick is more than enough to have a great performance, but sometimes you might want a little more flexibility or a subtle enhancement, you can use the whisper wick to do this.

The whisper wick is a single-ply wick that is made from sweet, Midwest softwood, and is of course FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified. 

The whisper wick is not meant to be used on its own, but rather in combination with a  crackling wick. Using a crackling wick with a whisper wick will provide a calmer crackling sound and an excellent burn for candles that have high levels of color or fragrance.

This combination is also great for vegetable based waxes and even beeswax. Keep in mind the whisper wick is lighter in color than our crackling wick, so together they create a unique two-tone visual effect. 

how to combine two crackling wicks

Be sure to watch our video learn about crackling wicks to get a clear visual on the color difference between the two wicks. So how do I do it??? Great question! It’s super simple, just place the two wicks together (face to face) and put them into one wick clip. Yep, it’s that simple!

Watch our video how to combine wicks for a demonstration. Depending on the length of your wick set-up, you might want to use a paperclip to hold them together at the top. 

On shorter wicks, this isn’t necessary, as the wick clip at the bottom will keep them securely together all the way up. Don’t forget to order a sample kit, which includes a fantastic assortment of everything you need to create multiple wick combinations.  

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