How To Be a More Sustainable Small Business

How To Be a More Sustainable Small Business

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Eco-entrepreneurship is the way to go! There are many ways to captivate your customers while reducing your ecological footprint in your small business.

In this blog, we've mapped out several avenues for sustainable practices to pave the way to a greener & cleaner tomorrow. From ingredients, to packaging & marketing, we're covering it all. 


eco-friendly ingredients

At makesy, we strive to source our makers with clean, eco-friendly & sustainable ingredients for their products! 

You can rest assured that makesy's fragrance oils are made better™, therefore are vegan, clean, phthalate-free & safe for our makers & the environment.

Waxes are the foundation of your candles & they need to be reliable and consistent so you can have a successful candle making business. If you are looking for a plant-based, vegan and 100% pure soy candle wax, check out our creamy & luxurious supernatural soy flakes

Want more options? Explore our range of high-quality candle wax options, including soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax, each offering unique properties to enhance your creations.

Our wooden wicks are all-natural & untreated USA-native wood. 

We are proud to partner with Trees for the Future, a game changing organization in sustainable agriculture. Together, we plant a tree for every $100 spent on wooden wicks. 

the proof is in the planting:

  • 1 tree makes approximately 750,000 wooden wicks
  • $100 buys you 400 wooden wicks & clips on average
  • for every tree consumed, roughly 1,875 more trees are planted


Upcycling is the practice of taking leftover natural ingredients, such as coffee grounds and fruit peels and then repurposing it to make something new. It has become increasingly popular in the beauty industry that reduces waste and creates more sustainable products. Check out our upcycled fragrance oils and upcycled coffee oil to add to your products. 


eco-friendly packaging

We always strive to have the lowest impact possible from our warehouse to your door, and the packaging choices we make play a huge role in that. Here are some options that reduce environmental impacts & minimize waste:

  • Boxes made from recycled cardboard or kraft paper
  • Organza bags made from natural fibers like organic cotton or hemp
  • Cotton bags that are all-natural and eco-friendly
  • Reusing the wrapping paper that comes in your orders


Remember, your packaging not only protects your creations, but also tells a story about your brand's values and dedication to sustainability.


candle refill programs

Candle refill programs are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek more eco-friendly and sustainable options. 

This practice promotes sustainability by reducing waste and encourages customers to reuse their candle vessels instead of discarding them after use.

If you want to take this eco-friendly model one step further, you can set up a system where your consumers ship their empty refills back to be recycled, cleaned, etc. and the customer receives a discount on their next purchase as an incentive to reduce waste.


the stash

The stash is our resale marketplace filled with practically new & surplus supplies from our maker community!

Instead of throwing the supplies you no longer need in the trash, this option allows you to sell them in exchange for store credit. It supports the circular economy by reducing waste in the landfills & gives supplies a second chance to create magic!

Plus, you can even lower your cost of goods by shopping makesy products at a reduced price. It's a win-win!  

There is always more you can do for our planet, and your customers will appreciate that! We hope these practices give you a better direction of how you can reduce your carbon footprint in your business. 

Be sure to tag us in your products with #makesymade and we'll put a spotlight on your sustainable biz!

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