Go From Passion To Profit With Our Masterclass For Makers

Go From Passion To Profit With Our Masterclass For Makers

Are you ready to turn your creativity into cash flow? Do you dream of financial freedom and getting to wake up every day to do what you love?

Makesy’s new masterclass is a digital course designed to help you make those dreams a reality.

The days of standing back, inspired by other makers pursuing their dreams are over. You can take action today and change the course of your future in just one simple step...enroll.


inside the course

Inside the masterclass: the complete blueprint to starting your handmade business, we give you all the tools, resources, and support to get your creative business up and running quickly.

If starting your own business has been a dream that seemed daunting, this class is made for you.

We break down the process of launching your business into manageable steps with clear modules, videos, and PDFs. You'll have all the guidance you need to turn your vision into reality. 

Inside each module, we dive into the most important areas of a business, from product development and pricing to sales and social media.

pdf pairings

We’ve supplemented each topic with downloadable PDF worksheets to help guide you as you make progress building your biz. 

The worksheets are designed to put what you learn into action. With every module that you watch and every worksheet you complete, you are one step closer to the finish line.


module by module

It's no secret that starting a brand has a million moving parts. Taking it step by step means we skip right past overwhelm and settle into steady progress!

Here's what you'll find inside the masterclass, module by module. Mel, our Makesy expert, has worked with hundreds and hundreds of makers and pours her experience into each lesson.

Plus, interviews with industry professionals are peppered throughout the course filled with expertise to inspire you along the way.


Module 1

  • Lesson 1: finding your mission & vision
  • Lesson 2: identifying your brand story 
  • Lesson 3: naming key market differentiators
  • Lesson 4: how to name your business
  • Expert Advice: Charlotte Katona’s hot tips for new business owners


Module 2

  • Lesson 5: how to set up your biz legally
  • Lesson 6: how to set up accounting & inventory
  • Lesson 7: COGS, pricing, & profit planning
  • Expert Advice: Jason Siegel’s hot tips for operations


Module 3

  • Lesson 8: suppliers, sourcing, & product testing
  • Lesson 9: market research & sampling
  • Lesson 10: curating product lines & collections
  • Expert Advice: Emily Knecht’s hot tips for product development


Module 4

  • Lesson 11: logos, labels, photos & packaging
  • Lesson 12: setting up website & sales channels
  • Lesson 13: building your email list & customer retention
  • Lesson 14: social media basics 
  • Expert Advice: Bre Holme’s hot tips for social media


Module 5

  • Lesson 15: wholesaling & selling on third party platforms
  • Lesson 16: how to get into pop ups and boutiques
  • Lesson 17: facebook & IG shopping  
  • Lesson 18: building Your SEO
  • expert tutorial: how to run social media ads
  • expert advice: Jen Rea’s hot tips for marketing


maker success stories

As a bonus, we also invited a few makers to share their stories so you can hear what it was like building their business, what mistakes they made along the way, and the advice they think every budding business owner should know.


take the leap

This masterclass is all you need to turn your idea into a real money making business with a stellar brand name.

You may have hundreds of burning questions and wonder if you're capable of starting your own small business. The answer is a BIG YES!  

No previous business knowledge is required. All you need is the desire to learn and the willingness to take action. We'll be your cheerlead every step of the way.

Ready to the leap? Sign up here and we'll see you in class.

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