Functional Fragrances & Essential Oil Benefits

Functional Fragrances & Essential Oil Benefits

Functional fragrance

Let’s talk blends with benefits!

As our magic making product development team seeks top quality fragrances for your brand, they also keep their eyes out on what’s trending so you stay ahead of the game.

Recent years have forced us to laser in on the safety of our environments and make changes to our everyday routines.

We are making even more conscious efforts and decisions to choose products that enhance our physical and mental well-being.

Consumers are showing interest in more than just great olfactive notes when it comes to fragrance selections as they are also intrigued by scents designed to improve overall wellness.

Home fragrance products, especially candles, have become a great way for us to elevate our own self-care needs.

Fragrances can make us feel certain emotions like happy, relaxed, and oh, so zen!

According to Fortune Business Insights, the size of the home fragrance market was USD 22.89 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 27.63 billion by 2027.

Candle and home fragrance products are being purchased more often nowadays as people are prioritizing the maintenance and enhancement of their household.

Positive qualities that come with using these types of products are their abilities to get rid of bad odors, boost energy, improve mental focus, and improve the immune system. 

Whoa! This is incredible news as you continue to make your own home fragrance collections, especially if you add our scents with benefits to that list.

If you haven’t ordered yours yet, our functional fragrances are a must-try! Backed by science and 25 years of olfactory research, these are proven mood-boosters uniquely designed with aromatherapeutic benefits that naturally enhance positive emotions.

Let’s get FUN-ctional…


functional fragrances

Emoti™ Orchard Wood & Apple Leaf promotes a positive emotional state and relaxation with woody notes of oud and oak, followed by subtle sweetness from pear flower and apple leaf. Woody essential oils are proven to relieve stress and tension… what a great scent to wind down with before bed!

Emoti+™ Buchu Leaf & Ginger Zest has been curated to enhance the ambiance of your environment by evoking sensations of stability as spicy essential oils contain warming properties that make you feel safe and protected.

We love a scents of security! Notes of sparkling citrus, amber, and musk delightfully wrap around freshly shaved ginger zest, turmeric, and crunchy buchu leaf in this exclusive blend.

Emoti+™ Sparkling Lemon & Shiso and Emoti+™ Kombucha & Pink Guava are two more delightful scents created with natural fragrance technology that is neuro scientifically proven to make you feel happy, content, and uplifted. We love fragrance with FUN-ction!

Functional Fragrance

We also love that  Kombucha + Pink Guava is a trend-forward fragrance with notes of plumeria island orchid and sprinkles of other exotic, fruity, juicy, floral accents. This one is going to be a BIG hit!

Aside from these four game-changing scents, we also have other fragrances created with essential oils that are known to provide mood enhancing properties based on published findings.

Want to feel calm, relaxed, and some relief from life’s stressors? Light up a candle or spritz a room spray with Emoti™ Buddha Bamboo & Violet Sage or Emoti™ Blanc Citrine & Matcha Verde Fragrance Oil.

If you need a scent that offers a boost in mental clarity and concentration, try making with our Emoti™ Lily Buds & Golden Gardenia or Emoti™ Bee Balm Bloom & Coco De Mer Fragrance Oil.

And if you’re seeking a scent that promotes happiness, relaxation, and anxiety relief, our Emoti™ Lotus Blossom & Satsuma Mandarin and Emoti™ Tropicana Tea Rose & Papyrus Fragrance Oils are the perfect fit!


essential oils for specific moods

Basil: stimulating, clarifying, energizing, uplifts the mind, antibacterial, relieves stress

Black Currant: antimicrobial/antiseptic, eases joint pain, combats acne, hydrates skin, balances mood

Bergamot: relieves anxiety/stress, combats acne, promotes youthful skin, refreshing

Bois de Rose (Rosewood): antibacterial/antiseptic, promotes a positive mood, relieves anxiety/stress/skin irritations

Cacao Blanc: antioxidant, improves cognitive function, relaxing, blissful, promotes a positive mood & healthy skin

Camphor: antioxidant/antiseptic, clarifying, relaxing, soothing, balances mood, relieves skin irritations

Cedar: calming/grounding, relieves tensions, clears the mind, enhances concentration

Chamomile: antibacterial/antiseptic, stress reducer, calming

Cinnamon: relaxing, stress relieving, uplifting

Clove Leaf: promotes mental energy, uplifting

Cornmint (like Peppermint): antibacterial/antiseptic, astringent, invigorating, energizing, stimulating, boosts energy

Eucalyptus: antibacterial/antiseptic, antimicrobial, relaxing/calming, purifying, clears the mind, stimulating, refreshing, promotes vitality

Frankincense (olibanum): antiseptic, relieves anxiety/stress, relaxing, promotes a positive mood & better sleep

Fir Needle: anxiety relief, promotes better sleep

Geranium: antioxidant/antibacterial, combats acne/skin ailments, relaxing, calming

Ginger: stimulating, warming, increases concentration, relieves anxiety/stress, soothing, mood-balancing 

Grapefruit: relieves anxiety, calming, antibacterial/antimicrobial, balances mood

Gurjum Balsam: calming, restores balance, relieves anxiety

Guiac Wood: antioxidant/antiseptic, relieves anxiety/stress, balancing, calming

Jasmine: energizing, promotes positive feelings & overall well-being, anti-depressant, uplifting, calming

Lavender: antioxidant/antiseptic, uplifting, stimulating, calming, relieves stress, tranquilizing,

promotes better sleep

Lemon: antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves anxiety, soothing, promotes a positive mood, invigorating

Lemongrass: antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves tension, calming, soothing

Lime: antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves anxiety, soothing, promotes positive moods, tones skin

Litsea Cubeba: antibacterial, mood-boosting, relaxing, relieves anxiety

Orange: antibacterial/antiseptic, relieves anxiety/stress, soothing, promotes positive moods

Olibanum: see Frankincense

Palmarosa (like rose): antibacterial, calming, relaxing, comforting

Patchouli: relieves anxiety/stress, uplifting, relaxing

Pimento: relieves anxiety/stress/pain

Peppermint: antibacterial/antiseptic, invigorating, energizing, stimulating, astringent, boosts energy

Rose: relieves anxiety/stress, relaxing, comforting

Rosemary: antibacterial/antiseptic, stimulating, soothing, relieves anxiety/stress, balances mood, enhances concentration & focus

Spearmint: antibacterial/antiseptic, uplifting, energizing, enhances concentration, relieves skin irritations

Tea Tree: antibacterial/antiseptic, calming, relaxing, relieves many skin irritations

Thyme: antibacterial/antiseptic, stimulating, purifying, relieves stress/fatigue, skin-clarifying, promotes a sense of well-being

Ylang: antibacterial, balances anxiety/stress relief, calming

We’re so excited to offer functional fragrances and essential oils specifically formulated with your well-being in mind! If you decide to start making products using these scents, be sure to call out their specific functional abilities when you market them so your customers know you’re creating allll the positive vibes.

Happy making!

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