From Hobby To Hustle: Emily Toffolo Of Boho + Glow

From Hobby To Hustle: Emily Toffolo Of Boho + Glow

Emily Toffolo is the founder and maker behind Boho + Glow, a natural candle and home goods company based in Canada. When she started her business in 2021, she saw a white space in the market for candles that catered to customers with scent sensitivities (just like her!)

While it's clear she has a passion for making, she is equally infatuated with all parts of running her business. There is passion pouring out of Emily and it's not just going into candle vessels!

Read on to learn more about how she started and manages her thriving business.


how it started

"The first Boho + Glow products were candles, of course! I was determined to create a candle collection that was all natural and free from synthetic ingredients.

boho + glow candle maker

I have scent sensitivities and curating a candle collection that I could actually enjoy and offer without a reaction was my main goal – and it turns out that many people suffer from scent sensitivities.

Once I perfected my candle process and recipe, I knew I wanted to create a business.

I launched my online shop in February, 2021 starting with 100+ candles on my shelves, and quickly sold out - it was my sign to keep going and keep creating."


how it's going

"Within a few months of launching, I started selling wholesale to local retailers and it took off quickly. My first stockist was a beautiful local spa in the heart of my city. Our products are now stocked in 30+ retail shops across Canada."


on pushing doubts away for dreams

"Launching a business is exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I poured my time, heart, and passion into my brand and worked so hard for the launch of my shop.

Of course, thoughts crossed my mind that my shop wouldn’t succeed or that no one would purchase my products, but I am a true believer in going for your dream and pushing your positive and ambitious vibes out into the world."


boho + glow candle maker

on the need to create

"I launched my online shop when my youngest son was just 5 months old. As a stay at home mother of two (almost three!), I needed to create, use my skills, and share my passion with others.

My studio is located within my home and it’s the perfect location for me at this time. I do have plans to open an offsite studio and I cannot wait for that journey!

I absolutely love creating products, creating content, connecting, and providing knowledge to my customers and fellow social followers."


on selecting her niche

"The candles I create and offer are unique in the sense that they are all natural, made of coconut soy wax, blended with virgin coconut oil, and infused exclusively with pure/natural essential oils.

All the products offered in my shop are all natural, handmade, and curated for everyday living. From candles, aroma melts, soap bars, room/linen sprays, diffuser blends, to apothecary match bottles and a selection of neutral home décor."


on her biggest mistake

"Not getting my big wax melter right away was a huge mistake! My first year of business I was doing the double boil method – which was wonderful and a great way to learn. However, once I invested in my big wax melter, it was a game changer for me! Time management is so important, especially with a family and running a business all on your own."


on getting advice

"I am very independent with my business, and I do everything myself from planning, physically making the products, to social media, admin, marketing, local markets, product development, product design, financial inputs, etc.

I seek advice on new product designs from friends and family – mostly to get an honest opinion on the overall look and feel of a product, but other than that, I am my own business consultant!" 

boho + glow candle maker boho + glow candle maker

on staying organized

"I spend an equal amount of time on all Boho + Glow things. I think it’s so important to constantly create and offer new products, while maintaining and improving current offerings.

The ordering of supplies never ends! I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t have to order something for my studio – it’s wild!

As a super organized individual, I am very committed to working ahead of schedule on seasonal launches to reduce the feeling of overwhelm as the next season approaches. I always order seasonal supplies at least 6 months in advance – this keeps me organized and also reduces the chances of seasonal items being sold out."


on staying inspired

"My passion for my business is what keeps me going every single day! I love creating and growing my brand. One of my favorite things is bringing a new product to life, from design to making the product, incorporating branding, packaging, pricing, etc."


boho + glow candle maker

on helping new makers

"My biggest piece of advice is to create a unique brand and to be consistent. Create something that you absolutely LOVE and want to share with others.

Make sure that you are being authentic with how your present and offer your products."


on the question she always gets asked

"I get asked (almost daily) how I do it all… from making my products, to running the business, all while having small children (and expecting!)

And the answer is organization, passion, and a true desire for growth."

You can keep with Emily and her business, Boho + Glow on Instagram or shop her full collection of products on her website.

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