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Fragrance Flashpoints Explained

In the home fragrance and body care world, you hear the term “flashpoint” thrown around often. You may have even glanced at it on your fragrance label. If you've ever wondered what the correct temperature should be before adding fragrance oil to your candle wax or soap base, this is for you! 

The flashpoint is critical in the making process, as adding fragrance when the temperature of your base exceeds its flashpoint can actually change the chemical composition of your fragrance, resulting in altered base, mid, and top notes.

Here’s everything you need to know regarding fragrance flashpoints to ensure your candle or soap production is consistent and exactly as expected.

what is a fragrance flashpoint?

The fragrance flashpoint is something very important that you need to understand when you're using fragrance oils. The flashpoint is essentially the temperature at which a fragrance can actually catch fire, or change its composition.

So, if you're adding your fragrance to a heated product, let's say, soap or candles, you want to ensure that you don't add your fragrance to your base at a temperature that exceeds its flashpoint.

When that happens, you can burn off some of the lower weight molecules in your fragrance oil, and actually change the balance of your top, mid, and base notes.

So, for both safety and performance, it's always important to know your fragrance flashpoint, and to make sure that you never heat your fragrance beyond that temperature.


how do I find a fragrance oil's flashpoint? 

If you're using a makesy fragrance oil, you'll find the flashpoint on the label on the outside of the fragrance bottle. If you haven't purchased the fragrance yet and want to know the flashpoint, you can see it on the fragrance product page in the more details section. 

If you want to dig deeper into understanding fragrance oil flashpoints, this video has even more information.

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Happy making!

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