Fall Forecast: Earthy, Grounded Sensations + Colorful Trends

Fall Forecast: Earthy, Grounded Sensations + Colorful Trends

Fall trends are looking woodsy, bright, and meaningful...

Get ready to put your favorite flannel on and ignite your fall collection with earthy inspiration, brilliant colors, and enhancers to luxuriously layer your new assortments.

Time to work your maker magic!


get grounded

Nature’s charming palette inspired us to create a fall collection featuring uplifting, enchanting, forest-like fragrances, majestic crystals, and jewel-tone, trendsetting Aura Vessels.

Meet a few of our intention fall fragrances designed to make you feel grounded, aware, and inspired:

rare rosewood & amber resin
Striking scents of rosewood, dark resin, and buoyant black rose provide a masterful aroma of a brisk, cloudy autumn night.

birch bark + ripe fig sapling
Rare and woodsy notes of birch bark, amber, and bergamot blend in this magical essence, keeping you feeling grounded and hopeful this fall season.

native heliotrope & cashmir wood
A dreamy moment of forest bathing is found in this earthy scent, fusing heartwarming amber, cashmir wood, and beautifully lush heliotrope.

harvested sumac & campfire
Bring meaning to a reticent, crisp fall ambiance with an emulsion of campground-inspired notes like smokey vanilla, roasted chestnut, and tobacco leaf.

Ahhhh…so much for magical making moments. 


lean into layers

Layering never goes out of style! You layer the clothes you wear, so why not layer your products?

This fall, we’re all about layering our candles, soaps, and sprays - from the wax you use to the vessel and wick, and adding enhancers like mica, dye, botanicals, and crystals… so many choices give your products an edge.

Maybe there’s a collection in your future called, “Layers of Love?” We have some fun fall projects to get you in a festive and earthy-layering mood… 

Check out our forest-inspired sacred gemstone candles, layered with creamy and luxurious hemp coco soy wax, crackling wooden wicks, and soul-stirring, transpiring crystals.

If you’re making soap, there are a variety of ways to get into some sudsy layers of fun!

Start with a base like shea goat milk melt & pour base and choose a luscious, fall fragrance like royal nectar + applewood honey.

Then choose some mica, natural powders, or botanicals to breathe more life into your soothing, cleansing soap.

We love these options: Copper Mica, Blue Matcha Powder, and Whole Sage Leaf

Don’t forget room sprays can be layered, too! Once you have your bottle, base, and essential or fragrance oil (try this fresh combo: french lavender, california lemon, blood orange), add in some enhancers like calendula petals and zircon mini chips.

Lean into layers this season, it’s TOTALLY worth the finished product!


bright, meaningful & colorful

This fall season, vibrant, in-your-face colors are going to be HUGE! 

Bold blues, electric yellows, bright orange, and hot pinks are starting to take up space and demand attention in a world that’s “reopening” and ready for adventure. 

Bright colors are becoming the focal point of design and we totally dig it. Check out our bright collection of aura vessels and tins to add big splashes of color into your assortment this fall.

Pop some fun pinks into your products with our iridescent flamingo aura, flamingo metal tin, and flamingo metal aura. Boost your blues with the iridescent slate aura and get stunning and stylish with an iridescent clay aura.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color… it’s a lively option for your lovely production.


monochromatic magic

Quick, let's talk monochromatic!

A monochromatic color scheme is filled with different shades of one color from the same hue such as light blue and dark blue, pastel pink and hot pink, etc.

This color scheme has become a popular element of design because it makes finished products look effortlessly pulled together, streamlines a collection, and portrays a sense of harmony. 

Try this! Pair one of our new translucent vessels with a classic matte aura, and add an eco dye to match for a set of gorgeous, monochromatic harvest hues.

translucent hunter aura matte olive aura moss eco dye
translucent wine aura matte wine aura scarlet eco dye


Have fun with this color scheme! It offers a seamless and sophisticated look that’s perfect for the fall season.

cloud-like candles

cloud like candles

Have you ever taken a picture of the clouds because they looked so perfect in the sky? 

Clouds are a go-to for inspiration and we love looking up at them whether they’re shaped like cats or resemble a professional, scenic painting. 

Fall fashion trends include cloud-like coats, ones that are puffy, cozy, and well… cloud-like!

We would love to see makers get in on this action and create cloud-like candles.

They’re fun, whimsical, and oh so dreamy!

Take a look at the following vessels for a cloudy collection of inspiration:

Complete your collection with cloud-like fragrances:

Whether it’s a bright, sunny day or rainy and cold, clouds have a lot to do with the scene that’s set everyday. How do they inspire you and your collections?

Although fall has cooler temperatures, there’s still plenty of room for hot new trends. Get your imagination pumping and welcome a new season with earthy inspo, vibrant tones, and creative + curated collections.

Don’t forget to tag us @makesy and show us your maker magic!

Happy fall making! 

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