Eco Friendly Packaging Tips

Eco Friendly Packaging Tips

So you have a gorgeous product that you're ready to sell - now what? To prepare your product for shipping, you're going to need a few types of packaging. 

Outfitting your creation in the right packaging is very important to ensure that it arrives in the same condition at its final destination that you sent it out in.

We’re sharing how you can protect your creation and protect the environment, too!

how to safely package your product for shipment

We recommend using a box with a protective insert like the linen candle box from makesy. This will help ensure your product makes it safe and sound to your customers doorstep.

Next, you will want to choose some protective insulation for your product during shipment. At makesy, we love using a hundred percent recyclable materials.

eco-friendly packaging tips

Traditional bubble wrap is made from polyethylene, which is a type of plastic.

Plastic bubble wrap is recyclable, but it needs to be taken to a special recycling facility. Many bubble wrap alternatives are now available, such as Geami Wrap Pack, green eco bubble, or cellulose wadding. 

The paper used to create Geami Wrap Pack, which is used here, are either sustainable forestry initiative certified, or made using recycled content. Wrap pack is biodegradable and a hundred percent recyclable. 

Biodegradable void fill is another option made from organic cornstarch. The packing peanuts are non-toxic and decompose in water. 

Once you have your packing insulation, you will need a box. Most cardboard boxes are easily recyclable and meet the criteria for being eco-friendly. 

  • Look for boxes that are made from 95 percent post-consumer content. Using post-consumer recycled paper reduces your environmental footprint by utilizing materials that have already once served their intended use.

  • Water activated tape is a fantastic packaging alternative to normal tape, and it is also cost effective and requires less tape per seal than traditional carton sealing tape. Win-win! 

To prepare your creation for a safe and seamless delivery, make sure you're using enough packing materials to pad the candle from drops, tosses, and bangs.

There should be enough void fill so that the candle can't move around in the box, and your box should always pass through a drop test when trying any new packaging, to ensure that if your box is dropped from 2 feet your candle remains safely packed inside. 

Once you’ve conducted your drop test and your product has passed safe and sound, you’re ready to ship!

To browse our variety of eco-friendly packaging visit our packaging collection.

And don’t forget to share your gorgeous creations with us for a chance to be featured at @makesy

Happy making!

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