Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging Tips

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Ready to embark on selling your candle creations? Get packaging inspiration and learn our top eco-friendly tips for preparing your candle products for shipping.

To prepare your product for shipping, you're going to need a few different types of packaging. Charlotte walks you through each one and even shows you how to use each one to package your candle perfectly. Outfitting your candle creation in the right kind of packaging is very important to ensure the candle arrives in the same condition you sent it out in. 

The first step is buying a box for your individual candles. We encourage using a box with a protective insert like this one

Next, you will want some protective insulation. Here at makesy, we LOVE using 100% recyclable materials. Traditional bubblewrap is made of plastic and is recyclable but it needs to be taken to a specific recycling facility which most consumers don't do! That means more plastic in our environment. Your beautiful candle shouldn't be the reason the planet gets trashed, especially when there are so many amazing alternatives! Some of our favorite examples include Geami Wrap Pack, Green Eco Bubble, or Cellulose Wadding. 

The paper used to make the Geami Wrap Pack which is what you see Charlotte using in the video is either Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified or made using recycled content. It is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. Biodegradable void fill is another option made from organic corn starch. The packing peanuts are non-toxic and decompose in water. 

You will then need a box and luckily, most cardboard boxes are easily recyclable and meet the criteria of being eco-friendly. Look for boxes that are made from 95% post-consumer content. It utilizes materials that have already served their purpose before and most importantly, reduces your environmental footprint BIG TIME!

Water-activated tape is a great alternative for tape. It is also cost effective as it is strong and requires less traditional tape per seal. 

For more tips on making sure your candle is safe and sound in your little box, make sure you listen to Charlotte at the end of the vid!

We hope you can use these candle packaging ideas and tips to make your candle business and the planet a better place. Happy making! 

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