easy homemade face mask recipes.

Who doesn’t love a good self-care night at home? 

A hot steamy bath, a glass of wine, a eucalyptus candle burning, and a homemade face mask you can feel proud of!

While there is certainly no shortage of face masks on the market today, they are not one-size-fits-all! They're an important part of a skincare routine and can have unique and targeted benefits depending upon the ingredients. 

Each person’s skin type is unique and requires a different skincare regimen. Homemade face masks, however, can address many different skin conditions, as they intensely penetrate deeper into the skin, in a short amount of time.

The most wonderful thing about face masks is that you can easily make your own at home, which is fun, rewarding, and cost effective.

Makesy makes it easy to be creative providing plenty of inspiration to create your own special formulas! 

perfect for rest & relaxation

Treat yourself to some of these amazing diy face mask recipes using our face mask discovery kit!

This unique discovery kit comes with 3 different types of face mask bases: vitamin rich face serum base, beetroot kaolin clay facial mask, fruit enzyme exfoliating mask base, and our brand new reusable silicone sheet mask.

A silicone sheet mask helps your skin absorb as many beneficial ingredients as possible while also helping to reduce the waste of disposable sheet masks.

Our silicone sheets are sustainable, reusable, and let you customize your mask to gain the maximum benefits of your recipe.

Below you’ll find some easy face mask recipes that you can create with the bases found in this discovery kit!

homemade face mask recipe

morning dew diy face mask recipe

This purple (yes, so fun!) mask recipe combines some common kitchen essentials (lemon juice, oil, and sugar) with our beetroot kaolin clay facial mask!

This potent blend is full of vitamin C, B3 & B5, exfoliants, and kaolin clay to help balance oil levels, and reveal glowing, dewy looking skin underneath.

To make this recipe you will need half a lemon, 1 tbsp of sugar (preferably brown sugar), and ½ tbsp of your favorite oil (olive or coconut oil are suggested), and our beetroot kaolin clay facial mask.  

Follow these instructions and enjoy:

  1. Take a clean mixing vessel (like a bowl) and juice ½ of a lemon.  
  2. Add 1 tbsp of sugar (white or brown), ½ tbsp of your favorite facial oil (melted coconut oil or olive oil are great options), and 2 tbsp of beetroot kaolin clay facial mask
  3. Using a clean utensil (silicone or stainless steel) mix until the mixture is clump-free.
  4. Generously apply the mask to your face or body. Put on your reusable silicone sheet mask and let your skin get its snack on! 
  5. Once the mask begins to dry, wash away with warm water and follow with your favorite cleanser.    

homemade face mask recipe

soothing snow mushroom face mask recipe

This fast acting formula combines a highly concentrated amount of snow mushroom liquid extract with our vitamin rich face serum base to deliver instant hydration and nourishing vitamins to dry skin. You'll be rejuvenated and refreshed in just 15 minutes! 

To make this recipe you will need to purchase a 10ml bottle of snow mushroom liquid extract.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Take 2oz of vitamin rich face serum base and add the entire contents of your 10ml snow mushroom liquid extract.
  2. Stir with a clean utensil until evenly mixed.  
  3. Add 5-10 drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil to your desired level. 
  4. Store this recipe in any 2oz (or 50ml) jar of your choice, such as a frosted glass jar 50 ml!

homemade face mask recipe

tropical fruit blemish control face mask recipe

Enzymes from pineapples & papayas found in our fruit enzyme exfoliating mask base work together with mandelic acid to exfoliate and help fight the bacteria which cause acne and blemishes.

If you’re interested in a seriously gentle but effective exfoliating mask that won’t irritate your skin with harsh scrubs, all you need is 1oz of mandelic acid aha exfoliant, and 2oz of fruit enzyme exfoliating mask base.

Follow these instructions and enjoy:

  1. Add ½ tsp (.1oz) of mandelic acid aha exfoliant, to your 2oz bottle of fruit enzyme exfoliating mask base and shake to mix until all the powder is dissolved. (This makes me dream of a tropical vacay!)
  2. Add 5 - 10 drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil to your desired level.
  3. Optional: If you’d like to turn this into a chemical peel simply add 0.5oz of our brand-new organic peel off mask base to this formula and store in a frosted glass jar 50 ml!

Hopefully these fun and easy recipes will inspire you to make something completely your own! When you do, we would love to celebrate it with you!

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