How Long Do Your Candles Need To Cure?

A question as old as time! Get the inside scoop on candle cure times with this new tutorial video. Join Charlotte as she explains when, and when not, to let your candles cure. 

Whether or not your candles need to cure is a two-part answer. There are many different kinds of waxes as well as blends out in the marketplace. 

With 100% soy or any other sort of vegetable or natural wax blends, it is best to wait several days to reach complete molecular stability. 

The molecules can still be moving for days until fully cured. This, therefore, can affect hot and cold throw and burn performance. 

Paraffin wax reaches stability as soon as it has reached thermodynamic equilibrium. This means that it has fully cured when it is cooled. Paraffin wax candles are then ready to use, burn and evaluate. 

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