Maker Spotlight: Daily Burn

Maker Spotlight: Daily Burn

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Reggie founded Daily Burn Candle Studio in 2021 when he turned his passion for candles into a thriving candle making business. His creative candle names and scent development aren't the only reasons he's had success.

Read on for Reggie's favorite small business tools and his strategy for starting a biz in a saturated market.


candle making business

the story behind daily burn candle studio

"Every holiday season my wife would gift me an entire case of candles from various stores.

One day (during the beginning of the pandemic) she said I should make my own candles since I love them so much.

After some trial and error, several months later, I launched in April of 2021. I came up with the name as a way to promote my candle collection, a candle you can burn every day of the year regardless of the season you would normally burn it." 


my first product

"I launched with a few scents, at first and then continued to develop those, making them even better while creating new scents throughout the year."


my best sellers 

"Dream Lover I Sea You is the most popular scent and its also the first scent I came up with, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Purple Raine & Lavender Keeps Me Sane is also a popular scent. Its earthy with a kick of lavender and people love the name."


candle making business

major success moments

"I’ve been published locally and I attended my first trade show in NYC this past summer. I’ve also attended some really cool shows like the One Of A Kind Show in Chicago."


what’s next for my biz

"Thats a secret! No but really, a NEW product… and maybe a new line ;)"


my top biz tools

"Social media is huge when running a product-based business. It really helps your reach across the globe. 

I also really love my big giant wax melter, definitely a game changer when you continue to expand." 


greatest lessons

  • "Success doesn't happen overnight, be patient"
  • "When owning a company in a category that seems oversaturated, figure out what defines your brand, what makes you, you! Dare to stand out and be different!"
  • "It’s ok to have “one type” of product, just make sure that product is AMAZING"


daily burn candle studio

advice for new makers

"Find a mentor, there are so many people out there willing to give free advice, research, research, research!"


favorite  products

It's the wooden wicks and the gold clips for me :)


while making, I…. 

  • Listen to country music. I’m from the South!
  • Light a Dream Lover I Sea You candle
  • Put on a black apron - it shows off my muscles and my wife likes it :)
  • And then press on, wick it, pour it, cool it, heat gun it, top it. And done!

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