Creativity For Kids: Why It's Important

Creativity For Kids: Why It's Important

bath bomb imageRemember back to your childhood days of creating projects in the sand, at the park, at your desk, and in your kitchen. Creativity was a part of growing up.

Your imagination was full of things you wanted to create and do. There almost wasn’t enough time for all the fun projects waiting for you.

Creativity isn’t just fun - it broadens your mind and creates new perspectives.

As children grow, it enables them to express their feelings, boost their self confidence, solve problems, improve brain development and so much more!

Creativity is an absolutely essential part of changing the world, as it influences perspective, thinking patterns, and problem solving. According to research, creativity helps children express themselves, develop greater self awareness, and alleviate stressful feelings.

It’s so important and can easily be incorporated into the everyday life of kiddos (at school and at home)! At an early age, creativity will empower children to master fine motor skills, which are essential for development.

Not only is it important physically and emotionally, it is imperative for social and intellectual growth too! It is never too early to expose children to creativity!


how to incorporate creative activities

Begin with painting and coloring, and then add in all other forms of creative expression, such as colorful and fun bath bombs at bath time! As pre-teens or teens, incorporate fun projects such as DIY face masks!

As your creativity continues to grow, so do your feelings of accomplishment. There are endless kid-friendly DIY kits to do with your kiddo and endless ways to express ourselves creatively! Click for more fun here!

Creative projects not only teach new skills and increase confidence, but it is also an enriching experience to do with family and friends, making memories that last a lifetime. 

Kids seek creative outlets for self expression, and to learn how to think creatively. These creative pathways help them understand how to visualize things differently, how mistakes can lead to new ideas and are not always mistakes, and open possibilities for a growing mindset.


mask diy image

use creativity to boost problem solving skills

Creativity also helps with problem-solving! Creative people can look at alternate solutions to issues and problems. In addition, creativity leads to improved concentration and focus which is an important skill for learning, working, and crafting mindful solutions.

In a recent study, young adults who took part in a creative activity once a day for 13 days reported increased happiness. Now that is a statistic worth noting!

Not only is creativity fun, it boosts your mood! Winning! As you get more confident in your creative skills, hop on the candle and soap making caravan!

That is super fun, makes great gifts, and can even make you money if you start to sell your beautiful products!

Start learning with the super sudsy soap kit and our selection of DIY candle kits. Enjoy your creative journey! We would love to see you and your littles creating, so tag us #makesy on social media so we can join in on the fun!

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