Create Perfectly Smooth Candle Tops

Have you ever marveled at the perfectly smooth candle tops in your favorite shop or admired them in a flawless Instagram post? Today, we're revealing the secret behind that pristine, clean finish: the heat gun, a candle maker's new best friend.

During the candle making process, it's common to encounter issues like dents, divots, cracks, sinkholes, or just a rough surface after the candle sets. These problems are particularly prevalent with soy waxes and beeswax. Fortunately, they can be easily remedied using a heat gun.

Choosing the Right Heat Gun:

You don't need an industrial-strength or high-powered professional model for this task. These are too hot and can burn off the top layer of your fragrance. An entry-level heat gun is sufficient for our needs. Remember, never use a blow dryer as it can blow melted wax everywhere!

Using the Heat Gun:

Smooth Out Minor Imperfections:
With the heat gun on, move it quickly in a circular motion over the surface of the candle. Avoid directing it at the wick to prevent scorching or, in extreme cases, lighting the candle. You'll know the surface is perfect when it has melted and evened out.

Address Larger Issues Like Sinkholes:
For significant problems like sinkholes, use a wooden skewer to poke a hole down into the sinkhole. As you maneuver the heat gun over the top of the candle, the melted wax will flow into the sinkhole and fill it up. This may require several rounds with the heat gun to completely level the surface.

Final Touches:

After finishing with the heat gun, ensure you do not move the candle so the surface remains perfectly flat, resulting in beautiful candle tops. Be cautious not to overheat the wax with an industrial-grade heat gun or by lingering in one place too long, as this could cause the fragrance to burn off, affecting the candle's cold throw.

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