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Maker Spotlight: Companion Candles

companion canldes

Loren Lewin, founder of Companion Candles, shares her story about starting her small business, the tools she loves, and the one thing you'll never regret as an entrepreneur.


the story behind companion candles

"After many hours of quarantine with my pup, I realized that my store bought candles did not live up to their claims (or my standards) and were filled with dirty ingredients that were not only harmful to me, but my dog.

I threw out my store bought candles and started making my own homemade, clean version. I never looked back.

Companion Candles was founded in 2021 and donates a portion of proceeds to animal welfare organizations." 


my first product 

Our “The Staples” collection! 


my best sellers 


my top tools

Makesy (duh!) & Canva 


major success moment

"When we got on the Today Show as one of three women owned brands to watch. That was truly so surreal."

companion candles

what’s next for my biz 

"We will be iterating and adding new products – keep an eye out, they are coming soon!" 


my greatest lessons 

"You don’t know what you don’t know – learn to outsource and listen to others ideas! Work is life, and life's too short to hate your work. Everything you can imagine is real."  


companion candles

advice for new makers

"You will never regret going for it. The only thing that you are doing by not taking a chance is growing older!" 


favorite products

Any and all wooden wicks. The crackle is just…the best. 


while making, I...

Listen to Taylor Swift (#swiftiesunite) 
Light a Companion Candles (duh!!)
And put on any sort of comfy clothing 

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