Color Your Candles With Vibrant Eco Candle Dyes

Color Your Candles With Vibrant Eco Candle Dyes

Color is essential to the candle maker. A rich, innovative color can catch the eye way before scent notes ever make it to the nose.

Studies show that customers expect the color of a scented candle to mirror their emotional and psychological perception of a fragrance (hence, a fir or spruce scented candle is usually Christmas-tree green; a lavender scent, calming purple).

Many cultural and spiritual traditions around the world include beliefs about how colors have powerful, life-enhancing effects to help elevate, improve, restore, and promote positive energy.

When you give color the same power as fragrance (to affect reactions and moods), you turn curated hues into signature looks.


candle dyes

get creative with colorful candle dyes

Isn’t it time to create your own emerging color trends for your candle lines? Creating vibrant richness and depth of color innovates your palette and supports your brand aesthetic in exciting new ways. This is where the alchemy of color, fragrance, and flame creates its real magic.

Selecting the right type of dye is key to color accuracy, consistency, and quality control (not to mention the ever-important “Wow!” factor). The latest innovations in liquid dyes offer highly concentrated, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use solutions for vibrant customized color.


eco-friendly liquid candle dyes

If you’re currently working with candles and wax melts (or would like to!), we want you to meet our exciting new line of liquid eco dyes, specially formulated to be safe for you and the environment. 

This exclusive makesy dye collection offers high-quality, color-forward choices that are safe, gentle, and tailor-made for your candle creations. A better overall experience for makers and customers alike.

These naturally eco-friendly dyes are:

  • Reach registeredhelping to protect human and environmental health from chemicals that could cause harm to people, the planet, or animals     
  • Paraben and phthalate freein that same spirit of cleaner ingredients
  • Cruelty freeproducts and ingredients are never tested on animals
  • Made with a renewable solvent system―ethically sourced, safer to use


how to create unique candle colors

Liquid dyes provide a large degree of control over colors’ shades and tones. And because these eco dyes are highly concentrated and extremely soluble, it’s super easy to create unique and unlimited color variations just by how much dye you add… or, by easily blending different dye colors together (an included dropper makes measuring easy and precise).

eco friendly candle dyes

a rainbow of possibilities

Oh, the colors you’ll create! Eco dyes are available in 7 vivid colors: 

  • Ebony for a cool, modern range of greys and blacks 
  • Moss for a lush variety of verdant and natural greens 
  • Violet for a rich, soft-to-deep variety of purples 
  • Indigo for a cool, contemporary spectrum of blues 
  • Scarlet for pops of pigment, from pastel pink to ruby
  • Canary for a happy range of sunniest yellows 
  • Marigold for a juicy and bright spectrum of oranges

From soft and subtle to rich-deep jewel tones, there’s a hue for every ‘you’. This selection of 7 was specially curated to cover a variety of color needs across all your seasonal, mood-setting, and signature-design endeavors.

Imagine our blackberry & saffron fragrance oil with our intriguing ebony dye, a blue-jasmine blend dyed with soulful indigo, or a lilac-leaf scent mix in your own dye combo of violet and scarlet. The options are endless and you can’t put a cap on creativity!


how to use dyes in candle making

Get wise with your eco dyes! A few hot tips on how to get the color going:

  • Dyes are intended for candles and wax melts only
  • Recommended temperature for adding Eco Dyes is 180º F / 85º C or cooler
  • Exposing dyes to higher temperatures for prolonged periods of time may cause fading or color alteration
  • Color can vary based on your wax type, fragrance, and any other additives, so be sure to test and take notes to achieve desired vibrancy
  • For the darkest and most vibrant colors, we suggest using a 0.05% concentration; for lighter shades, we suggest a 0.005% concentration
  • If you are making in smaller batches, use about 8 drops per pound of wax
      for dark colors and about 2 drops per pound for lighter shades.

Color your candle making world with new passion and possibilities! New eco dyes pair beautifully with shimmering micas or sparkly crystal enhancers.

Don’t forget to share your creations and tag @makesy on Facebook or Instagram for the chance to be featured!

Happy making!

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