Candle Making with Eco-Friendly Color Flat & X Wood Wicks

Candle Making with Eco-Friendly Color Flat & X Wood Wicks

color wooden wicksLet’s get innovative! As the inventor of the internationally patented original wooden wick™, we had to take it to the next level for our makers… that’s just what we do!

That's why we created our color X wooden wicks that meet our trendsetting eco-standards. Rest assured they’re made with the same sustainable, clean-burning materials as our original wooden wicks. 

Our innovative color flat and X wooden wicks™ are patented and Made.Better™ with non-toxic dye, biodegradability, FSC Certified Wood, and exclusive technology only available at makesy!

They’re dyed in an eco-friendly facility that uses a unique wastewater purification system and operates on an organic activated sludge process, which conforms to the highest environmental standards (whew… talk about high quality!).

Being innovative in the candle-making business means introducing a new idea or way of doing something, so we’ve come out of the woodwork (see what we did there?) with these wicks so you can make your own innovative creations.

wood wicks with benefits

Flat color and X wooden wicks™ are made with proprietary technology and offer benefits that will set you apart from others in the candle making business.

Adding a colored, newly-shaped wick to your candles is going to be haute! 

This is your chance to be a major trendsetter and make a first-of-its-kind product as a flagship of your brand.


benefits of candles with wooden wicks

Making with these industry-leading wicks offers high-quality benefits: 

  • They’re available in a variety of eye-catching colors
  • Color customization is available (12 - 16 week lead time / 250,000 units is average minimum for custom orders)
  • Unique pyramid-shaped flame
  • Get a consistent burn enhanced by color
  • Create a fast burn pool for excellent hot throw
  • They do not mushroom and have little carbon buildup, debris, and sooting
  • X wicks come with specially designed X wick clips for easy assembly
  • Color flat and X wicks can be used in all wax types
  • Can be used in container, pillar, and votive candles
  • Made with FSC Wood
  • No metals or Prop 65 ingredients
  • Made in an eco-friendly facility
  • Patented and low minimums (100 units)
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Sourced and manufactured in the USA


Need some help deciding which wicks will work best with your wax and vessels? Check out our Wick Selection Guide.


the making possibilities

There are so many options when you use color flat and X wooden wicks. Whether you’re looking to express a playful or calming energy or you desire to be bold and daring, creating with these new and novel wicks will elevate your creativity and candles in a way that's never been done before.

You have the power to express yourself in all kinds of ways, Maker… let color and shape help you make a statement!

Show us how you use color wooden wicks by tagging us @makesy on Instagram!

Happy innovative making!

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