Tips To Prep Your Small Business for the Holiday Season

Tips To Prep Your Small Business for the Holiday Season

Become a total pro at prepping your small business for the holiday season. We all know how important it is to hit goals and achieve results in Q4. Use these tips to ready for the holiday season so you can hit your sales into the stratosphere!

As maker experts, we have a few tips to share to help you get ready for the busy days ahead, so read on and get your prep on!


revisit your target market

It’s always a good idea to review who your target market is in order to prepare for the upcoming season.

Your products have an audience and it’s important to know who they are! If you’ve been in the biz for awhile, you’ve probably noticed your customers have certain similar qualities (i.e. demographics, age, gender, etc.) and if you’re new to the industry, you should take some time to explore who your target audience is. Making sure you’re marketing to the right people, in the right way, is a surefire way to scale successfully!


tighten up your profit & loss

Building your business and brand has inevitably required you to spend some money. Fortunately, you make amazing products and gain profits to make up for what you’ve spent.

To make sure you know what the actual numbers look like, it’s a good idea to revisit your books and get familiar with specifics. This helps set the stage for smarter costing in the coming months and identifies places you can trim various losses to maximize revenue. Learn more technical maker business tips here to level up your expertise. Get it money maker!


weave in a new product line

Consider weaving in a new product or line + look at upcoming trends! Q4 is a great time to plan and dream up new concepts for a new launch. Stay tuned as we get ready to show you new and novel Fall Fragrances, luxe items, vessels and nature-inspired color palettes… don’t forget our home care collection is still super trendy!

With lots of exciting new items on their way to the maker’s marketplace, you’ll be inspired in no time! Be sure to check the blog, too, for some upcoming trend pieces that are sure to spark a creative flame. With the new year comes new beginnings, and having a fresh product helps entice customers to keep coming back!


expand your marketing front

Maybe up until this point you’ve only been marketing through pop-ups and referrals. Q4 is an excellent time to market research and implement some new ways to reach new customers and expand to new markets!

Are you strategically posting your products on social media? Have you developed a presence for your business online? Check out this video with tips on how to promote and market your candles online for some ideas to boost your marketing! Freshen up your content with on-brand imagery, spotlights on products, and engage with your audience - make it fun, enticing, and SO YOU!


relax & enjoy the fruits of your labor

You’ve been working hard making and growing your business all year long. Don’t forget to sit back and take some time to rest, rejuvenate, and allow new creativity and ideas to come to you! Studies show that some of our greatest ideas come from having restful space for our minds to reset.

Try planning a vacation, staycation, or set some dates to spend time with loved ones. One of our favorite ways to relax involves making in another fun and refreshing way. Have you tried creating a fun adult beverage inspired by candles? Check out the blog for some rejuvenating inspiration. Make this: cocktail candles

As you prepare for the busy season ahead, make sure you’re also taking time to rest and reset. We’re always here to cheer you on and provide you with tips and tricks to get you going and keep you going! You got this, maker!

Happy prepping!

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