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Candle Maker Reviews of Makesy Performance Cotton Wicks

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Hot off the candle! The results are in for Makesy’s performance cotton candle wicks. We asked 8 talented candle makers to test our new cotton wicks and share their honest feedback.

You know when a company known for wooden wicks launches a cotton wick, the standards are high. We couldn't possibly recommend making candles with cotton wicks unless we were certain that these were the absolute highest quality, best performing cotton wicks on the market.

After doing our own rigorous testing, we knew we needed to tap a few of our top makers to take these cotton wicks for a candle making stroll.

The makers treated the test like a scientific experiment and reported back with detailed lists of their pros and cons. They all conducted multiple candle burns and analyzed the performance cotton wicks in different vessel sizes, in molded candles, with various candle wax types, and fragrance loads.

We couldn't be more pleased with their results. They raved about the new cotton wicks! Before you read on to learn about their testing experience, here's a little more about our new cotton wicks.


about our cotton wicks

  • Patented, self-trimming technology
  • No carbon build up
  • Knitted, plant-based fibers burn evenly
  • Rigid form holds shape
  • Biodegradable 
  • Made in the USA


You can shop all our new cotton performance wicks here.


benefits of makesy performance cotton wicks

  • The new eco wick performs extremely well in three waxes: paraffin wax, vegetable and coconut.
  • Works well and safely with high fragrance load. I even tested both pillars and container candles at 10%. Smaller wicks/vessels may work better with a smaller percentage of fragrance load.
  • The size range is fantastic! Being able to fit the wicks in many different types of vessels is a huge plus.
  • Great scent release across multiple brands of fragrance oil.
  • The wick’s wax coating stays on the wick even when leveling out the top of a candle with a heat gun.
  • Wicks stayed in the metal tabs during all stages of testing. They also stayed up straight when melting the wax and didn't fall into the melt pool.
  • Slight degree of curling in vessels allows for some self trimming, gives me some assurance for those customers that refuse to trim their wicks.
  • I love that these wicks can be used with different types of waxes and fragrances. It will save me so much money to not have to get separate pillar wicks and container candle wicks.
  • Packaged well which made them so easy to use.


cotton candle wick

maker feedback

“These wicks were incredible! I, unfortunately, won't have too much constructive criticism for you as the wicks performed great and I had no complaints.”

“The size range was great, the variety will provide a great option for many users, different wax types, and different vessels.”

“After testing and viewing the performance, I would definitely switch to the Makesy cotton wick.”

"Really enjoy the range of wax that these wicks work well in, will end up saving me a ton of money and time so I don’t have to order all of my supplies from multiple companies"


Get your hands on our performance cotton wicks, and see the difference yourself. It is absolutely extraordinary and your candle making will reach a new level for you, and your customers.

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