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2020 Falliday Fashion + Fragrance Trends

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Fall is on the way and the forecast shows a 100% chance of Gold, Silver, and Pastel hues with a sprinkling of Rose, and a light dusting of 70’s bold floral and animal prints.

We’ve combined elements of this season’s trending fashion and beauty and infused them into our fall/holiday (falliday) collection. Tickle your senses with elegant metallic and pastel hues, crisp, smooth lines and textures, and notes of sultry Rose, Amber, Cedarwood, and Santal.

Gather up your making supplies and fall into these bold and exotic fall combinations!

bold meets whimsy

Bold, vibrant metallics with rich pastel hues balance with 70’s floral + cheetah. This whimsical juxtaposition is just the right amount of wrong to be right.

Pair neutral elements with pops of metallics and whimsical prints against neutral and metallic accents. The creative limits are boundless this season!

sensual, moody & surprising

Inspired by the Victorian elements and moody, yet elegant aesthetics gracing the fall trends of Harpers Bazaar, sleek glass, golds, silvers, matte finishes, and pastel hues take our Aura Vessels and Chic Metal Tins into this season’s world-class fashion trends.

warm woods & classical rose

According to Harper’s Bazaar 10 Best Perfumes for 2020, cozy up with warming, creamy and floral fragrance combos. 

Notes of Cedar and Cashmere blend with sultry Ambers and sensual, classic Rose for an enchanting and elegant infusion this fall season.

Balanced with these darker fall notes, Jasmine, Citrus, and Tea mingle for a lighter finish, mimicking the last days of summer.

be unique

This season is all about celebrating the uniqueness that is true to you! This means being bold in your creative expression and not being afraid to break those faux pas.

Pair the neutral Stonewashed Aura with our new creamy citrus blend, Vanilla Santal + Shea Butter fragrance for notes of Valencia Orange, Coconut Cream, Raw Honey, and Sandalwood.

The bold and brilliant Lustrous Gold Aura pairs beautifully with warm and cozy new Raw Cinnamon + Clove fragrance with notes of Honeycrisp, Blue Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Clove, and Frosted Pinecone.

Wintery notes of Fir Needle, Eucalyptus, Bayberry, White Rose, and Musk in the new Bayberry + Fir Wreath fragrance are made for the sparkling silver lustre of the Gunmetal Aura.

Finally, the soft white matte finish of the Matte Frost Aura compliments the bright and aromatic notes of Sparkling Kumquat, Cassis, Lavender, Red Currant, Amber, and Black Tea in our new Red Currant + Kumquat fragrance.

Ready to create your own fun Falliday combinations? Shop our new Fall/Holiday Fragrances.

We LOVE sharing your creations! Don’t forget to share your creations and tag @makesy on Instagram or @makesyoffical on Facebook for the chance to be featured!


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