10 Tips To Start A Candle Business With Standley Handcrafted

Join Jeff as he shares his top 10 tips to starting a candle business!!!

1) Resources- Google is obviously one of the best resources to use when starting out. We also recommend joining a good Facebook group to create a community as well as ask them questions. 

2) Videos- Youtube videos and tutorials are super helpful as a result of their easy-to-follow and short formats. 

3) Get a kit!- Kits are perfect for beginners! They have everything you need and are perfected by experts to make sure all the components work together!

4) Keep is simple!- If you see a certain candle you like on Youtube or in the markets, try to make it yourself. Get inspired by others and find your style!

5) Ratios- Make sure to keep all your measurements to the manufacturers' ratios. Candle making is a science and an art. 

6) Pen placing and wooden wicks- If you are using cotton wicks, try using a pen to help place it inside of your vessel or try out wooden wicks! Because of their stiff nature, they are super easy to place in a vessel and are beginner-friendly. 

7) Don't be afraid to hand candles out- Get feedback from others especially if you are having some olfactive fatigue and want someone else to judge your fragrances. 

8) Experiment- Try new waxes, oils, etc. to see what you like and what you excel in. 

9) Use stuff you like!- Use colors, micas, glitters, etc. that YOU enjoy so you can be your brand's biggest supporter.

10) Have fun!- Create products you love and are proud of!

We hope these tips were helpful!

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