sleepy lavender diy body & pillow spray kit - Makesy
sleepy lavender diy body & pillow spray kit - Makesy

sleepy lavender diy body & pillow spray kit

Makes 2 - 4oz Sprays. Sweet dreams & sweet feelings come from deep within this magical body & pillow spray. The natural chamomile flowers & lavandin fragrance oil is both calming & alluring, leaving you feeling relaxed with each & every spray!

DIY Kit Instructions

Drift off into a peaceful slumber with our Sleepy Lavender DIY Body & Pillow Spray Kit! This kit allows you to create soothing body and pillow sprays infused with natural chamomile flowers and lavandin fragrance oil. Simply spritz onto your skin or pillow to enjoy the calming and alluring scents, perfect for promoting relaxation and a restful night's sleep. With easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary ingredients included, you can indulge in luxurious aromatherapy whenever you need it most. A kit includes all the goodies you need to make a finished product. From candle making kits, soap making kits, perfume making kits and more, it’s a way to get a feel for the making process on a smaller scale or just have some fun creating! Our makesy formulators have curated kits for so many different moods, vibes, occasions! Whether you want to get creative & make one yourself, or you’re looking for a fabulous gift - you really can't go wrong with a makesy DIY kit!

Makes 2

DIY Kit Includes:
1x 8oz organic sugarcane alcohol

1x 1oz natural chamomile flowers & lavadin

2x 4oz frosted bottles

2x smooth white sprayer

1x rose quartz mini chips

1x bamboo mixing spoon

1x funnel

2x product labels

1x cream box

1x satin ribbon


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