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skin & hair additives sample pack

This last-chance item is being discontinued. Stock up before it's gone!

Using high-quality, natural ingredients in your skin & hair care products really adds up! The additives discovery kit allows you to mix-up and experiment with various ingredients that work to customize your formulas for the ideal texture, consistency, & wear. Add a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to set your products apart!

Each Discovery Kit Includes 

1x 1oz Biobased Emulsifying Wax

1x 1oz Barley Starch Powder

1x 1oz Easyblend Xanthan-Clay

1x Rice Bran Wax

1x 2oz Emulsitec Plant-Based

1x 1oz Cold-Process Natural Emulsifier

1x 10ml Cleartec Plant Derived

1x 1oz Pure Xanthan Gum


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