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Beauty is in the lye of the beholder ;) This is a uniquely formulated solution that makes it oh-so-simple for soap makers to check for unreacted Sodium Hydroxide or Lye. Phenolphthalein is a clear liquid that is commonly used to determine the pH level of soap and test for excess lye. Phenolphthalein will react by turning pink or fuschia in the presence of excess lye, with the degree of pink indicating how alkaline your soap is. How flippin' cool? This very test is preferred by professional & handcrafted soap makers because it costs less, is quicker to use, is easier to read, and more accurately tests soap safety than pH strips!

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Size: 10ml

Usage: One drop will instantly reveal if soap contains unreacted or excess sodium hydroxide. If a single drop of phenolphthalein Test Solution remains clear on the soap, then there is no excess sodium hydroxide, and the soap is safe to use.

If the drop of phenolphthalein Test Solution quickly becomes dark fuchsia magenta, then the soap contains excess sodium hydroxide or unreacted sodium hydroxide and is not safe to use.

Made in the USA.