10oz onyx vessel & lid - Makesy
10oz onyx vessel & lid - Makesy
10oz onyx vessel & lid

Weight: 2.25 lbs 
Inside diameter: 3" 
Coated with a non-toxic sealant inside and out to maintain each vessel's natural beauty.

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10oz onyx vessel & lid


Ultra-luxe natural green onyx stone. Pair with a glass insert vessel for easy refills, sold separately. Inspired by the beauty of nature, no two vessels are the same, with significant variation in color, veins, and overall appearance.

Suggested wax fill 10oz (without insert); 8oz (with insert). 
Size: 3.72" (w) x 3.74" (l)

Having trouble choosing a color? Try the vessel sample pack with an assortment of colorways in one convenient package!

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