6 Supplies 6 Tools

With Rose Clay and Rosehip Oil embedded in this dreamy formula, your skin is bound to fall in love!

6 Supplies

8oz Rose Clay $8.95
16oz Cold-Pressed Virgin Rosehip Oil $62.95
1lb Emulsifying Wax $9.95
2oz Geogard $8.96
0.33oz Crisp Cucumber + Waterlily Fragrance Oil $4.95
4x Frosted Glass Jars + Bamboo Lid 100mLs $19.80

6 Tools

3x Glass Pouring Pitchers $74.85
Safety Goggles $7.95
Pipette Dropper $15.95
Making Apron $39.95
Spatula $7.95
Digital Thermometer $29.95

Description: Dreamy Rose Face & Body Mask Project


Get ready to create exfoliating Maker magic!

With Rose Clay and Rosehip Oil embedded in this dreamy formula, your skin is bound to fall in love! Our all-natural Rose Clay is packed with powerful minerals to effectively exfoliate your skin while our Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil is filled with antioxidants and vitamins to help prevent wrinkles and hydrate skin. These lovely ingredients harmonize with a fresh, all-natural, aquatic fragrance that exudes notes of lemon, cucumbers, and greens for true dreamy mask beauty. Once you’ve created your new creation, you’ll pack it into gorgeous frosted jars and seal it with bamboo lids for an aesthetically pleasing display.

More Details

Rose Clay is a fine, 100% pure, rose-colored powder that has a high concentration of iron oxide and silica, which helps increase skin cell regeneration and improves elasticity and circulation. It’s great for exfoliating and softening normal, sensitive, and mature skin types. Rosehip Oil is a classic, cold-pressed, virgin, versatile ingredient that was used during ancient Egyptian times because of its nourishing abilities. It is filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins like Vitamin C and lycopene that help prevent sun damage, wrinkles, and increase hydration for dry skin, making it an ultra-popular ingredient in body, face, and hair oils, lotions, butters, cleansers, and creams. Emulsifying Wax and Geogard help harden and preserve bath + body products to prevent bacteria build-up. Crisp Cucumber + Waterlily Fragrance oil drips delightful, natural hints of lemon, waterlily, moss, cucumbers, and greens. Packaging includes 8 Frosted Glass Jars that hold 100 ml each + Bamboo Lids.


Time: 40-60 minutes

With Rose Clay and Rosehip Oil embedded in this dreamy formula, your skin is bound to fall in love!

Project Prep:

Clean your workspace with warm, soapy water or wipe it down with disinfecting alcohol and a lint-free cloth.
Make sure the room you’re working in is properly ventilated so open up windows if possible (with proper netting so insects don’t fly in). Do not work with a fan on as this can ruin your project formula, especially if you’re using powders.
Make sure all of your making supplies are completely clean before beginning your project. Disinfect your supplies by dipping them in a 5% bleach water solution and let them dry. This includes any containers and spatulas or spoons you’re using to mix + blend your formula. It’s important to make sure your formula is made as germ-free as possible so you can reap all the delicious smelling, soothing benefits!
Organize your workspace by having all your supplies out and readily available. It can be helpful to place your unused supplies on one side of your workspace and then once used in the making process, place them on the other side.
If the project you’re working on requires extra layers of protection because of potential unwanted (hot) splashes, you may want to wear protective equipment like these ultra-chic Safety Glasses or Goggles and Maker Apron.


Prep your clay in Pouring Pitcher #1 by adding in 4.5 oz of Rose Clay.
In Pouring Pitcher #2, add 1.6 oz of Cold-Pressed Virgin Rosehip Oil and 1.8 oz of Emulsifying Wax and heat the container using 30 second intervals until the mixture is fully melted.
In Pouring Pitcher #3, heat up 20 oz of Distilled Water in the microwave until it gets to about 160-170° F. If any of the water evaporates, add more water so you’re sure to have 20 oz.
Pitcher #2 and #3 should now be about 160°-170° F. If not, heat them up until they are. Stick your mixing spoon into the water and tap it on the bottom of the pitcher to get rid of all bubbles. Then, add your mixture of Rosehip Oil and Emulsifying Wax (Pitcher #2) to Pitcher #3 of Distilled Water and use your spatula to make sure all ingredients are scooped in. Then, blend all ingredients together for about a minute. You will notice a milky substance start to appear as you blend the oil, water, and wax together.
Then, add your clay to the other ingredients and mix together. You will want to only add a couple of clumps at a time to make sure the clay thoroughly blends and combines.
Keep blending your formula until there are no clumps and use your spatula to scrape clay off of the sides of your pitcher to make sure you’re not leaving any out of your formula.
Once your formula is about 130-140°F, add 0.2 oz of Geogard and 0.04 oz of Crisp Cucumber + Waterlily Fragrance Oil with a Dropper. Blend all ingredients for about 2-3 minutes until it’s fully combined.
Your mask is ready to pack! Go ahead and fill your Frosted Glass Jars with your beautiful blend and let it cool for 6-12 hours without a lid to prevent condensation. When it is fully cooled, you will see the formula become a thick texture (aka mask ready), which means you can cover your jars with lids.
After about 24 hours, your new Dreamy Rose Face + Body Mask is ready to use. Simply apply a layer to dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Let it sit on your skin for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. If your skin is particularly dry, it is recommended to only use this mask once per week at most. Enjoy!