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Red Wicks: Pantone 200C / HEX# C10230

Green Wicks: Pantone 5743C / HEX# SF4727

Yellow Wicks: Pantone 141C / HEX# F4C55C

Blue Wicks: Pantone 653C / HEX# 316094

White Wicks: CMYK (C: 1, M: 1, Y: 1, K: 0) / HEX# FBF9F9

Black Wicks: Pantone Black 3C / HEX# 000000

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Eco-friendly Color Wicks are made from FSC Certified Wood with a proprietary, non-toxic dye. Color does affect burn performance; be sure to conduct a burn test when altering any aspect of your candle to ensure optimal wick performance. Check our Wick Selection Guide to find the right wick for your candle making project.