scent diffusing ceramic beads scent diffusing ceramic beads
scent diffusing ceramic beads

scent diffusing ceramic beads



Our scent diffusing ceramic beads are the perfect way to scent a room. Just add your favorite fragrance or essential oil. Size ranges from 0.3- 0.4 inches in diameter (8mm to 10mm).

Important note:
This product has been recently updated/revised, so please make sure to conduct product testing. The fragrance load will vary from fragrance to fragrance. For best results we recommend gradually adding your fragrance until the beads are no longer absorbing the oil. A lower amount of fragrance will not interfere with fragrance dispersion.

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Made with naturally eco-friendly ceramic. Our Ceramic Scent Beads beads are perfect for use in electric warmers, scent sachets for customer samples or diffusion in cars or drawers, and for decorative use. Get creative and personalize your beads by adding crystals, dried botanicals, and micas with your choice of fragrance. Simply drop or pour fragrance oil directly onto the beads and mix until the fragrance has been absorbed. Available exclusively through makesy.

Includes one 16 OZ bag ceramic beads.