all-natural baby care starter kit - Makesy
all-natural baby care starter kit - Makesy

starter all-natural baby care making kit



As you welcome your bundle of joy into the world, we welcome you to discover how you can make your own all-natural bath & skincare products. Keep your most precious creation clean, soft & safe from potentially irritating chemicals and ingredients! 

Below you will find a list of all the supplies & ingredients included with the all-natural baby care starter kit. With these supplies, you’ll be able to make 6, 2 oz tear-free foaming baby washes and  6, 1 oz all-natural diaper rash balms! Plus, you get the free digital beauty batch book! 

Baby Care Starter Kit Instructions

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Kit Supplies: 

6x 60 ml white PET foam pump bottle

2x 10ml liquid soapnut natural surfactant

1x 0.12oz cleartec plant derived preservative

1x 10ml aloe vera gel concentrate 40x

1x 10ml organic flax glycerin

1x 0.06oz pure xanthan gum

6x 1 oz white gloss pet jar w/ lid

2x 2oz all-natural baby balm base

1x 0.6oz kaolin clay

1x 1oz coconut oil - fractionated mct

1x 10ml natural baby powder & palmarosa buds

1x 10ml natural calming calendula & lavender powder

1x 10ml natural nourishing nectar & aloe leaf

1x 1.7 oz borosilicate glass beaker

6x fragrance blotter strips

6x plastic pipettes

12x disposable spatula

12x 1" labels

1x the beauty batch book (digital)