cocktail mini fragrance discovery kit


Fruity & delicious, this mini fragrance discovery kit gives ya a sneak peak at three delightfully boozy scents. The cocktail mini fragrance discovery kit includes three 10ml of curated fragrance oils & 10 test strips.


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what are functional fragrances? fragrance+ means that the fragrance you're lookin' at was specifically formulated with a function (or multiple) to take it from amazing to out. of. this. world.

emoti+ *Inhale.* *Exhale.* Makesy's emoti+ fragrances have natural fragrance technology known to enhance your mood, energy, and overall sense of well-being

Each kit includes three 10ml of the curated fragrance oils below & 10 test strips:

emoti™ tequila sunrise & maraschino
pitanga passion & pomelo spritz
emoti™ muskmelon & strawberry bellini

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