Get Clean + Green: Maksey's Take on Modern Sustainability

Sustainability... The Clean, Green, Planet Saving Machine

Get in, Makers, we’re going GREEN! Well… we’ve ALWAYS been green, but now there are MORE clean and green trends out there, and we’re SO excited to share them with you!

The concept of “going green” is about sustaining Mother Earth, aka showing her ALL THE LOVE! 

For a product to be considered sustainable, it’s usually eco-friendly, accessible, ethically-made, and lasting. 

These mindful qualities fall right in line with our creative, intentional products at makesy. We’re all about ELEVATING, EDUCATING, and INSPIRING MAKERS like YOU to CREATE with the highest quality, trendsetting materials. Our products are sustainable at their core and intentionally curated to be ethical, safe, and eco-conscious. In other words, they’re made with the good stuff.

To highlight our sweet devotion to sustainability and showcase our passion for our pretty planet, we created a new categorization within our products called, Made.Better. As a Maker, you can also be eco-conscious by using our Made.Better products - they are simply made better with clean products so that you can rest easy knowing that you are creating with the best non-toxic and cruelty-free materials that the industry has to offer.  

Read more about our Made.Better promise here!

No time to wait, let’s SUSTAINABLY create!


Get trendy with sustainability… she’s here to play and here to stay!

Sustainable practices have been around since, well… forever, but we are seeing it as a major upward trend nowadays.

We see it in the innovative ways products are being packaged, how electric vehicles surround us on our coffee runs (we’re looking at you, Tesla), when we hear the admirable Greta Thunberg tell us to get our you-know-what together because climate change IS real, and in the way fashion retailers are taking the initiative to eco-consciously source their products. 

Sustainability has become a form of connection + community - it’s a way individuals and companies are taking steps to reset, get back to basics, and embrace beneficial simplicities. 

It’s a decision to DO BETTER!


Packaging with recycled materials helps the planet move onward and upward, and this trend is definitely on the move! 

A lot of packaging is done with plastic, which we all know can harm the environment in many ways (i.e. sea turtle danger). Many eco-conscious companies (hellooo makesy) have taken action to reduce our carbon footprint in the way products are packaged.

A traditional way of packaging products is with some super fun-to-pop bubble wrap, however, it does contain plastic. An alternative to bubble wrap is Geami Wrap Pack (used here at makesy!), which is either “sustainable forestry initiative certified” or made using recycled materials, and in return, is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Now THAT’S the kind of toxic-less cycle we love to be in!

“Packing peanuts” are another tiny but mighty resource used for packaging insulation. Use the biodegradable option when it comes to these fun little helpers - they’re made from organic cornstarch (yes!), non-toxic (also yes!), and decompose in water (woohoo!).

Cardboard boxes, you know… what your cat will ALWAYS choose over you, are another common material used for packing products and most of them are recyclable as is. If you’re going green, look out for the boxes that are made from 95% post-consumer content because this means it’s already been recycled… YAY!


Low emission IS the mission!

Futuristic cars have become the present and we’re witnessing some of the best initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. Case and point: Elon Musk’s crowd-pleasing Tesla. Electric cars are really changing the environmental impact game and this is just the beginning! 

Installing solar panels is another way we’re seeing individuals and businesses keeping up with sustainable times. Sunlight is a direct source that can convert into clean energy and although it can cost a pretty penny upfront, it is sure to lower your electric bill costs in the long run.  

Get creative, Maker! Try cutting down on using electricity at the end of the day and use other sources for dim, toxin-free, sustainable lighting. Did someone say… make some candles? 


You’ve heard the name of this vivacious victor!

The 18 year old supercharged climate activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, has become a sustainable sensation in recent years. She is a leader in voicing the need to fight climate change and inspired a global movement to do just that. 

At age 15, Greta won a local newspaper essay competition based on climate change. Soon after, she began protesting in front of Swedish parliament and committed to do so until the government officials met the target for carbon emissions that world leaders agreed on in the Paris climate agreement

According to BBC News, Greta’s focus has always been on addressing decision makers and major firms of the world by asking them to stop investing in fossil fuels and start investing in “existing technologies, research, and restoring nature.”

We fully support you if you adopt some of Greta’s attributes as you lead a sustainable life - she’s a force to be reckoned with and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT!


Plants are power!

All natural medicinal herbs have become a staple at home for many people in the modern world - they’re beneficial remedies when we need a little TLC. 

Heal and soothe with some of these supportive herbs that you can get straight from the garden:

  • Sage - good for treating swollen throats, night sweats, and hot flashes
  • Chamomile - a lightly sedative herb that helps with digestion and abdominal cramps
  • Peppermint - aids nausea, sore muscles, achiness, and freshens our breath!
  • Nettle - soothing for urinary tract issues
  • Rose - calms worries, stress, and improves complexion
  • Lavender - calming for anxiety and comforting for achy muscles
  • Fennel - relieves indigestion

Check out some of our favorite essential oils at makesy, made with some of these helpful herbs - Consciously Curated Essential Oils


Growing homemade veggies is another sustainable and fun, collaborative act on the rise and for all the right reasons!

A lot of produce you see in supermarkets come from places a lot further than you think, and the emissions from the transportation to get it there is a whole lot of toxic! Along with the environmental impact this produce can have, the pesticides and toxic chemicals used to keep bugs and animals away from it isn’t very safe for our beautiful bodies either.

Opting to grow just a few of the veggies you use most often can make a HUGE difference in your health and sustainable adventures. Or, if growing your own veggies isn’t in the cards (we know how the studio apartment life goes), then visiting a local farmer’s market once a week is another way to shop and eat eco-consciously.

Don’t forget the social benefits of gardening and visiting farmer’s markets - there is SO much community and collaboration that can come from it. Get growing!


Less is definitely more when it comes to fashion and retailers are doin’ their thing to make sustainability happen!

According to Business Insider, the fashion industry has played a major role in the impact it has on the environment as it makes up a whopping 10% of the world’s carbon emissions.

To counter this damage, many fashion retailers have set out to create with an eco-friendly, forward thinking green mindset. For example, clothing brand, Everybody & Everyone, tackles the organic and biodegradable industry in their inclusive clothing selection. Girlfriend Collective is intentional about the way they package their products and ship them in recycled materials. They also use, get this… RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES when making their clothes. Tens all around to a company that maximizes creativity and sustainability!

As you can see, there is a whole lot of opportunity out there for companies to hop on the sustainability train. We’re grateful to be one of them!


Sustainability also offers a way for your products to become personal. Making your own cleaning products like candles, diffusers, soaps, and sanitizers gives you the ability to create in a customized, healthy way. By committing to create on your own, you become a mindful DIY-er by intentionally and responsibly sourcing the products you use. 

Sustainable making is a way to slow things down and know exactly what is going into the products you create.


At makesy, we’re big on inspiring Makers like you to DIY and elevate the way you create! We offer an array of Made.Better products that are all natural, cruelty-free, biodegradable… you know, all the things that fall under the GREEN tree.

Take a quick look at some of the exciting offerings from our Maker’s Marketplace:

Making your own soap is an eco-conscious practice that allows you to customize with dreamy scents and luxurious suds, keeping you EXTRA clean since the ingredients are all natural. 

Using essential oils is a fun way to perk up your products - they’re cruelty free, vegan, and have their own amazing origin story.

Organic natural powders provide luscious colors for DIY soap and body care products in a creatively conscious way, and eco dyes are the perfect way to vibrantly and sustainably bring your candles to life. 

Don’t wait, let’s create! Shop eco-friendly, trendsetting, experiential Modern Making ways and get Making! 

The possibilities are greener on the other side.


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