Next Top Maker: Prepping for the Holidays with Vibes Candles

Next Top Maker: Prepping for the Holidays with Vibes Candles

As the holiday season’s in full swing, we got to catch up with Lex, our Next Top Maker 2021. Her small business at Vibes Candles is THRIVING and we couldn’t be more excited!! 

Last time we spoke with Lex, she was working on wholesale pricing and figuring the ins-and-outs of shipping. You can read about that last session here: NTM SESSION #2: MAKER BUSINESS TIPS WITH LEX AT VIBES CANDLES

This time, we got to discuss Lex’s MAJORRR growth as she’s working on launching her new Bath + Body Care line (yay!), prepping for the holiday season, navigating Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales as a small business, and her search for the perfect storefront so she can expand locally. Our level of excitement for her and these new opportunities is out the roof and we’re pumped to share the news with you! 

Check out some inspiring updates from Lex:


As a small business, I’m not really offering any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals because I can’t really afford to knock prices off my products that much. However, I am going to offer free shipping through the holidays which will save people about $10 on their purchases. And then for Small Business Saturday, I’m thinking of offering this really cute reusable, eco-friendly mesh bag that has my tagline “SET THE VIBE” on it - every purchase made will include that for free. Shipping times are so impacted right now, too, especially with major retailers, so I’m encouraging everyone to shop small this year because of that.


You guys launched a whole Bath + Body line that anyone can use to start their own business and it’s so exciting! I did my research and ordered the Discovery Kits and the Frosted Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids because they are absolutely gorg! My labels will be super simple and I plan on making my own body butters, bath salts, body scrubs, lotion, and body soap. The premade bases (like this one) are definitely the way to go since they’re already made and such great products. I’m actually going to play around with everything I bought after our call today and try some things out. 


So I’m currently waiting to hear back from a few local spaces that I’ve expressed interest in. There’s this one spot located on my city’s main street with big windows and so much space that seems perfect. It used to be a big salon and it would be an ideal location since I’m just looking for a place to house and make my products versus trying to get people inside to physically shop. Of course I will set part of it up so people can come in and shop in person, but I’m really just looking to have more of a warehouse because I’m making so much product now and I’ve outgrown the space at my house. It’s really exciting because I can envision what it would look like and it’s something I am looking forward to as a new business in the community. I’m also at the point where I can afford to hire someone to help me run my business so that’s something I’ll probably do once I start moving into my new location.

1. Take care of yourself FIRST. I always forget about myself and work around the clock, then I feel the effects when I don’t get the rest I need. It’s super important to recharge yourself to keep going!

2. Do not add on any more products to your product line during the busy holiday season unless you know you can truly handle it.

3. Create “Gift Sets” with products that you already offer using a discounted “Gift Set Option.” This will help increase sales and you won’t need to create any new “Holiday” products.

4. Plan your days! Write down the tasks you need to do each day and check them off as you go.

5. Prepare as many things that you can beforehand so you are ready for the rush! This includes making/sourcing your shipping boxes, labeling whatever needs to be labeled, etc. 

I am so proud of where my small business is today and cannot wait to KILL it when the new year starts. I am always pushing to REACH FOR THE STARS like my momma used to say. She would be so proud of what I have built in honor of her name (okay I gotta stop I’m gonna cry).


Our time spent catching up with Lex was nothing short of amazing. Her small business is seeing GREAT success and there’s no sign of that slowing down! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Vibes Candles and hope this Next Top Maker update motivates you to keep doing what you love. You got this, Maker.

Happy Making!

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