How To Make Sweet Flowerbomb Bath Bombs

How To Make Sweet Flowerbomb Bath Bombs

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flower bath bombs

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own fun and fizzy bath bombs, we have the recipe to master that! Get ready to create delightful bursts of maker magic! 

Softening and smoothing the skin is the goal of this fun bath time creation. With anti-inflammatory properties from sodium bicarbonate paired with exfoliating and brightening skin benefits from citric acid, this bath bomb will help you feel refreshed and oh, so clean!

Our all-natural lush lavandin & tahitian vanilla fragrance oil with notes of jasmine and whipped body cream blend with lovely flower petals to enhance bursts of moisture, cooling, and hydration for your skin. What a fun form of creative self-care!


flowerbomb bath bomb supplies

Makes: 10 bath bombs

    For each bath bomb

    • 32 oz sodium bicarbonate (64%)
    • 16 oz citric acid (32%)
    • Witch hazel in a spray bottle 
    • 0.5 oz polysorbate 20 (4%)
    • 0.3 oz lush lavandin & Tahitian vanilla fragrance oil (0.6%)
    • 1 tsp gold mica
    • Red rose petals
    • Calendula petals
    • Blue cornflower petals


        our go-to bath bomb recipe

        Note: You may want to wear gloves as Citric acid can take off nail polish.

        1. In pouring pitcher #1, add 32 oz of sodium bicarbonate and 16 oz of citric acid and mix together. Get rid of clumps in your mixture by pushing powders through a sifter or break them apart with your fingers. 
        2. Add in 1 tsp of gold mica and blend all ingredients together.
        3. In pouring pitcher #2, add 0.5 oz of polysorbate 20 and 0.3 oz of lush lavandin & tahitian vanilla fragrance oil and blend together.
        4. Pour pitcher #2 into pitcher #1 and use your hands to mix all the ingredients together until there are no clumps and the powders and liquids are fully combined.
        5. Your bath bomb’s mixture should now feel like wet sand and hold shape when squeezed/molded together. If it’s not damp enough and “unshapeable,” use a free hand to spray some witch hazel onto your formula and mix it some more. Do not move on to the next step until you are able to see and feel your formula can hold its shape. This is important since it will need to be able to hold its shape inside your bath bomb mold.
        6. Add your blend of enhancers, red rose petals, calendula petals, and blue cornflower petals into the bottom half of your bath bomb molds, then start filling your molds with your formula, making sure both halves are filled and pressed on top of all petals. Gently press the mixture in each one to ensure they hold their shape and put a little extra powder in the center of each half of the mold. Wipe away excess powder from the edges of the mold and press each side together to close the mold and create its full shape. Fill each bath bomb mold until your mixture is all used up. 
          Maker Tip: If you’re using plastic molds, be careful not to press the walls of the mold inward as it will show on your finished product’s shape.
        7. Let your bath bombs sit for 24 hours to completely harden then carefully remove them.
        8. To use, simply place them in your next hot bath and soak in all the wonderful elements you’ve blended!

        Sweet success! You just made a fun bath time creation that we honestly never get tired of making or seeing in action. Be sure to tag us @makesy on Instagram when you share your new favorite bath + body recipe and please show us how at least one of them bursts (the best part)!

        Want to make more fun body care projects? Check these out for some all-natural creaminess and fresh exfoliating action: how to make all-natural deodorant cream and how to make serene spa bath salts.

        Happy making!

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