get started with liquid gemstone extracts.

Want to level up your skincare line? Adding liquid gemstone extracts into your collection will incorporate a richness of harmony and balance often not found in other sources. These beautiful, unique extracts of semi-precious gemstones supply essential minerals with booming benefits! They help to protect, invigorate, and firm the skin - while purifying and balancing the spirit. Sounds like a dream, I know! 

The overall healing properties of gemstones can make skin feel more alive and provide energy (depending upon which gemstones are added into the compound). Don’t you worry, maker! Your pals here at makesy have made it super duper easy to begin including liquid gemstone extracts in your skin care line, but let’s dive deep into the amazing benefits of each new gemstone extract. 

Important note: liquid gemstone extracts cannot be used for candles. They are for use in skin care products only.

malachiteOhh malachite. You may be familiar with this precious stone, as it was once used as an ore to make copper. However, more recently it has been well known as a beautiful gemstone, with its gorgeous blue-green color! The deep color does not fade over time…and we repeat… does not fade over time (even with light exposure)!

Additionally, malachite stones shield against oxidative stress to boost cellular defenses. They are also known to stimulate the natural antioxidant pool, offering protection and potent detoxifying benefits. With its natural and stable colorant, it brings a spectacular blue lagoon color to formulations. Interesting fact: The stones used to create blue malachite liquid extract are actually sourced in central Africa.

If that isn’t impressive enough, malachite also has beneficial emotional, physical, and spiritual healing properties. The gemstone encourages quick healing, as well as provides emotional benefits by flushing out toxic, unwanted energy. See ya! It has also been known to provide inner strength and confidence during periods of change. 

Next, green peridot liquid extract comes from the ancient gemstone, peridot. Peridot was used in Egyptian jewelry dating to the time of the pharaohs. It is also referred to as chrysolite, whose Greek roots mean “golden stone,”  alluding to its gold-green brilliance. This gem is particularly amazing because it is super rich in magnesium, which is a trace element that plays a crucial role in cellular activity. green hematite

Let’s talk benefits. This gemstone active increases cellular oxygen consumption which boosts cellular energy levels (majorly awesome). In addition, it helps fight environmental stress to improve skin thickness. With its potent antioxidant protection, it protects your skin from accelerated aging. Yes, please! With the abundance of environmental stressors, peridot helps fight dull, tired skin and revitalize it to a more youthful appearance. This is highly beneficial for all skin types and customers. Peridot flippin’rocks!

As with the other gemstones, peridot has physical, emotional, and spiritually healing characteristics. It’s a powerful cleanser, releasing and neutralizing toxins on spiritual and emotional levels. This gemstone is also known to stabilize moods, and have spiritually cleansing properties. Interesting fact: It has firm, brilliant energy that glows so bright it symbolizes abundance in life. What a gem!

red hematite Well hello, red hematite liquid extract! This is another amazing gemstone active that restores the skin’s mechanical properties for firmer and more youthful skin. Its retinol-like activity helps to thicken skin and restore a more youthful elasticity. It is known for fantastic circulation, repairing, and strengthening. It also has incredible emotional healing properties such as increasing strength and protecting from negative energy. Hematite is a stone that soothes the mind and brings profound inner serenity. Oooh la la!


Let’s get makin! Start off with these basic but powerful brilliant beauty liquid gemstone extract recipes below:


pollution protection invigorating facial cleanser recipe:

green peridot liquid extract is rich in energizing zinc, improving your skin’s cellular defenses! Antioxidant-rich snow mushroom liquid extract helps to deeply hydrate the skin and provide a protective barrier. Pair that with our unique soothing essential oil blend which helps to restore balance.

Give this easy-peasy 4 step recipe a try, maker! 

malachite & mandelic acid pore refining serum recipe:

This recipe utilizes copper rich blue malachite liquid extract, gentle AHA’s (mandelic acid), and fruit derived exfoliants to purify, cleanse, and tone the skin. Our unique functional fragrance is designed to further calm your mood and spirits. True fragrance with function!

Using the same malachite liquid extract and similar active ingredients, this product draws inspiration from Goop’s G.TOX Malachite + AHA Pore Refining Tonic which retails for over $70 per 100ml! This inspirational recipe will cost less than $40 to make over 16oz (450ml), check out the recipe below!

iron away wrinkles under eye cream recipe:

Rich in iron, red hematite liquid extract stimulates collagen production in the skin to help fill wrinkles and improve firmness in the skin, while Anti-Wrinkle Instant Lift Gel helps to erase wrinkles within 30 minutes! Yup, this is not a drill. With this dual treatment under eye cream, you’ll be able to iron away wrinkles in no time! Similar under eye creams with hematite extract can retail for hundreds of dollars, but this inspirational recipe will cost you less than $40 to create! Literally, this recipe is as easy as one, two, three!


The use of gemstones is a personal preference which can make it wildly rewarding to create and customize your skin care line to your unique customer base. It is important to become familiar with all the popular stones and the rockin’ benefits they can have in skin care.

Your customers are going to fall in love with the gemstone actives! Tag us #makesy on social, makers! We want to see and hear the joy!

Happy making!